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Goatmen confused and perhaps confuzzled.

Confusion is a status effect in Diablo III. It operates similar to how it did in Diablo II, particularly the Necromancer's curse Confuse. The effect confuses the target, and the target(s) will not be able to tell friend from foe, attacking anything within range. This is a potentially nasty status effect if it works in PVP, but whether it does or not, or what effect it has in PVP, is currently unknown. The confuse effect is noted above a target's head with a blue swirl.

Known Skills Using Confuse[edit | edit source]

This is a listing of all known skills that use the status effect "confuse" either on the unruned skill, or a runed version of the skill.

  • Witch Doctor:
    • Mass Confuse. This is a high level skill in the last tier of the Witch Doctor's skill set. It confuses targets in a large radius for a variable amount of time, depending upon skill rank.

Counters and Immunities[edit | edit source]

A counter to confuse would be a skill or an ability that allows a player to remove or otherwise negate the effect. An immunity would allow the player to never be afflicted.

  • Monk:
    • Breath of Heaven (counter): Breath of Heaven is a skill that allows the Monk to cleanse himself and his party of any status ailment(s).