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Name Here is a Fan Artist/writer that posts his creations for the Diablo Community.

Background[edit | edit source]

Background of the artist/author. How s/he started drawing/writing, how s/he got in to the Diablo franchise, and how s/he was "discovered" by the community.

Other interesting facts go here as well.

Feel free to post some sort of trademark picture or a portrait to the right, or centre under the text.

Awards[edit | edit source]

January 2010 Winner

List and describe any official awards.

For example: Winner of the Fan Artist of the Month for (example January, 2010) (100px image to the right side of this post). Any prizes in Blizzard contest or other website's contest go here as well.

Just hide this section out if the artist/author has not yet received any award.

Works[edit | edit source]

Just upload any images to wiki gallery. Use a form similar to below:

Short Description. - [Link]
Short Description. - [Link]

Note: Wiki Image should be resized and cropped to less than 150kb filesize. If you managed to create the art, you should know how to do this.

Make sure it is linked to the main image's gallery post as well, so people can find your other works easily.

The image should have the following info in the image "description":

Short Description.
Gallery: [Link]
[[Category:Fan art images]]

Categorisation is subject to change.

If it's fan fiction or other articles, list them in a reverse chronological list (newest on top) with dates:

  • 29/06 - Fan Fiction 3
  • 15/05 - Fan Fiction 2
  • 23/03 - Fan Fiction 1

Related Links[edit | edit source]

Wiki articles the artist has made, collaborated in, or is themed about the artist. Links can be internal or external.

  • Profile Link
  • Gallery link

References[edit | edit source]

Pages that are used in order to populate the article. Also put categories at the bottom.

  • Profile Link
  • Gallery link
  • Fan Art Gallery
  • Fan Creations Forum

[[Category:Fan art]] [[Category:People]]