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General achievements related to conversations with various NPCs.

Name Points Description Banner
The Art of Conversation

20 Complete the main character, follower, and artisan conversation achievements listed below.
  • Talk Is Cheap, Friends Are Priceless
  • Now I've Heard Everything
  • Dirty Little Secrets
Now I've Heard Everything

20 Complete the main character conversation achievements listed below.
  • Stay Awhile and Listen
  • More than Stories
  • Bewitched
  • It's Just Us
No Award
Dirty Little Secrets

20 Complete the follower conversation achievements listed below.
  • For the Order
  • Secrets of the Ages
  • To Catch a Thief
Talk Is Cheap, Friends Are Priceless

20 Complete the artisan conversation achievements listed below.
  • Hassling Haedrig
  • Everybody Loves Shen
No Award
For the Order

10 Listen to all of the Templar's conversations.
  • Becoming a Templar (Act I-IV)
  • Sins (Act I-IV)
  • Initiation (Act I-IV)
  • Lessons (Act I-IV)
  • Seeking the Truth (Act II-IV)
  • A Dangerous Journal (Act II-IV)
  • Confronting Fears (Act II-IV)
  • The Past Revealed (Act II-IV)
  • The Torn Page (Act III-IV)
  • The Templar's Research (Act III-IV)
  • The Truth (Act III)
  • Secrets of the Tome (Act III-IV)
  • The Templar's Lesson (Act IV)
  • Adria's Betrayal (Act IV)
  • Shadows of the Coven (Act IV)
No Award
To Catch a Thief

10 Listen to all of the Scoundrel's conversations.
  • Lyndon's Origins (Act I-IV)
  • The Unrepentant Rogue (Act I-IV)
  • Kingsport Fighting (Act I-IV)
  • Sticky Fingers (Act I-IV)
  • Difficult Decisions (Act I-IV)
  • Blood Ties (Act II-IV)
  • Brothers Divided (Act II-IV)
  • The Guard's Fate (Act II-IV)
  • First Love (Act II-IV)
  • Brotherly Love (Act III-IV)
  • The Scoundrel's Wealth (Act III-IV)
  • A Dark Outlook (Act IV)
  • The Thief's Secret (Act III-IV)
  • A Lost Family (Act IV)
  • A Final Gift (Act IV)
No Award
Secrets of the Ages

10 Listen to all of the Enchantress's conversations.
  • Eirena's Journey (Act II-IV)
  • A Lost Age (Act II)
  • TheUnanticipated (Act II-IV)
  • Missing Pieces (Act II-IV)
  • The Prophecy Broken (Act II-IV)
  • Ancient Secrets (Act II-IV)
  • The First Memories (Act II-IV)
  • The Vizjerei Lord (Act III-IV)
  • A Sacred Pact (Act III-IV)
  • Leah's Fate (Act IV)
  • A Lost Friend (Act IV)
  • The Dying Angel (Act IV)
  • A Hidden Legacy (Act IV)
No Award
Hassling Haedrig

10 Listen to all of the Blacksmith's conversations.
  • The Weary Blacksmith (Act I)
  • New Tristram (Act I)
  • Haedrig's Grandfather (Act I)
  • Cain's Disappearance (Act I)
  • Mira Eamon (Act I)
  • Haedrig's Father (Act I)
  • Fate of Haedrig's Father (Act I)
  • Returning to Caldeum (Act II)
  • Changes in the City (Act II)
  • Meeting Mira (Act II)
  • About Mira (Act II)
  • The Vecin (Act II)
  • Going to Tristram (Act II)
  • Caldeum After Belial (Act II)
  • The Future (Act III)
  • Raising the Catapults (Act III)
  • The Final Goal (Act III)
  • Tide of Battle (Act III)
  • Nerves (Act III)
  • Bastion's Keep (Act III)
  • Haedrig's Sorrow (Act III-IV)
  • An Apology (Act IV)
No Award
Everybody Loves Shen

10 Listen to all of the Jeweler's conversations.
  • The Restless Dead (Act I)
  • Tell Me About Yourself (Act II)
  • Deckard Cain (Act I)
  • Jewels (Act I)
  • King Leoric (Act I)
  • The Fallen Star (Act I)
  • The World (Act I)
  • Dark Visions (Act I)
  • Grieving (Act I)
  • The Stranger (Act I)
  • The Journey Ahead (Act I)
  • A Special Jewel (Act II)
  • The Desert Heat (Act II)
  • The Legend of Zei the Trickster (Act II)
  • Caldeum (Act II)
  • A Mysterious Rumor (Act II)
  • Zoltun Kulle (Act II)
  • Legends and Myth (Act II)
  • The Jewel's Price (Act II)
  • The Black Soulstone (Act II)
  • The Frozen North (Act III)
  • More Memories (Act III)
  • The Nature of the Jewel (Act III)
  • The Battlefields (Act III)
  • The End (Act III)
  • Hard Questions (Act III)
  • A Dark Day (Act IV)
  • Hope (Act IV)
  • The Hunt Continues (Act IV)
  • Leah's Soul (Act IV)
  • God or Man (Act IV)
  • Ruin and Corruption (Act IV)
  • The Lord of Terror (Act IV)
No Award
Stay Awhile and Listen

10 Listen to all of Deckard Cain's conversations.
  • Who Are You (Act I)
  • Prophecy of the End Days (Act I)
  • Your Adopted Niece (Act I)
  • Mad King Leoric (Act I)
  • The Horadrim (Act I)
  • The Archangel Tyrael (Act I)
  • Origins of the Coven (Act I)
  • Leah and Cain's Travels (Act I)
  • The Worldstone (Act I)
  • Destruction of the Worldstone (Act I)
No Award
More than Stories

10 Listen to all of Leah's conversations.
  • Life with Cain (Act I)
  • Tristram (Act I)
  • Adria (Act I)
  • Leah's Childhood (Act I)
  • Adria's Death (Act I)
  • About the Temple (Act I)
  • Leah's Power (Act I)
  • About Adria (Act II)
  • Remembering Deckard (Act II)
  • About Zoltun Kulle (Act II)
  • The Archives (Act II)
  • Concern (Act III)
  • Hopes (Act III)
  • Dreams (Act III)
No Award
It's Just Us

10 Listen to all of Tyrael's conversations.
  • Vanished Memories (Act I)
  • The Sword (Act I)
  • The Mysterious Covn (Act I)
  • The Lords of Hell (Act I)
  • About Caldeum (Act II)
  • The Lord of Lies (Act II)
  • Refugess in Caldeum (Act II)
  • About Your Fall (Act II)
  • Destruction of Mount Arreat (Act II)
  • The Last Twenty Years (Act II)
  • Corruption (Act II)
  • Zoltun Kulle's Death (Act II)
  • Kulle's Black Soulstone (Act III)
  • The Flawed Stone (Act III)
  • Human Knowledge (Act III)
  • A Lost Opporuntiy (Act III)
  • Guilt (Act III)
  • The Thrill of Battle (Act III)
  • Tyrael's Command (Act III)
  • The Battle of the Diamond Gates (Act III)
  • The Eternal Conflict (Act III)
  • The Creation of the World (Act III)
  • Heavens Fall (Act IV)
  • Adria's Treachery (Act IV)
  • The Dark Wanderer (Act IV)
  • The High Heavens (Act IV)
  • Leah's Spirit (Act IV)
  • Malthael (Act IV)
  • Malthael's Fate (Act IV)
  • The Prime Evil (Act IV)
No Award

10 Listen to all of Adria's conversations.
  • The Price of Victory (Act II)
  • The Mad Wizard (Act II)
  • Tyrael's Warning (Act II)
  • Leah's Birth (Act II)
  • Adria and Cain (Act II)
  • Motives (Act II)
  • Adria's Capture (Act II)
  • Belial and the Soulstone (Act II)
  • Adria's Quest (Act II)
  • Ensnaring Belial (Act II)
  • Magic (Act II)
  • Your Daughter (Act II)
  • Azmodan (Act III)
  • Suffering (Act III)
  • The War's End (Act III)
No Award
Sales and Tales

10 Listen to all of the town merchants' conversations.
  • Arghus the Collector (Act I)
  • Radek the Fence (Act I)
  • Bron the Barkeep (Act I)
  • Tashun the Miner (Act I)
  • Tilnana the Collector (Act II)
  • Silmak the Fence (Act II)
  • Sadeir the Innkeeper (Act II)
  • Lugo the Miner (Act II)
  • Squirt the Peddler (Act II)
  • Vidar the Collector (Act III)
  • Litton the Fence (Act III)
  • Gorell the Quartermaster (Act III)
  • Botulph the Miner (Act III)
No Award

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