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[[Image:Skill-tree-blizzcon09-wiz-muldric.jpg|thumb|right|400px|The skill tree, circa 2009. Skills no longer appear in anything like this format. Image by [http://forums.diii.net/showthread.php?t=739038 Muldric].]]
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This page lists all the [[Wizard]] skills. Follow the links to the individual skill pages for full discussion of every skill, including first hand reports and screenshots.
'''Useful skill links:'''
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* [[Skill]]s - General skill design and mechanics.
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** [[Skill rune]]s - The huge skill customization and improvement system.
* [[Wizard]] - a [[ranged]] class who's a [[glass cannon]].
** [[Arcane Power]] - The Wizard's energy [[resource]].
** [[Wizard skills]] - A list of all the Wizard's active skills.
*** [[Signature spell]]s - Wizard spells that are free to cast. Previously they were called Academic spells.
*** [[Armor spell]]s - Provide defensive [[buffs]] to the Wizard.
** [[Wizard passives]] - A list of all the Wizard's passive skills.
* [[Wizard skill archive]] - Removed Wizard skills.
* [[Wizard traits]] - Passive skills in Diablo III were called [[traits]] for a while before reverting back.
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==Active Skills==
Click to the individual skill pages for more details about these skills including numbers, screenshots, skill rune information, blue quotes, and much more.
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<skill subcat="Signature spell" class="Wizard">Magic Missile</skill>
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<skill subcat="Signature spell" class="Wizard">Shock Pulse</skill>
<skill subcat="Signature spell" class="Wizard">Spectral Blade</skill>
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<skill subcat="Signature spell" class="Wizard">Electrocute</skill>
{{Skill description header}}
<skill class="Wizard">Ray of Frost</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Arcane Orb</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Arcane Torrent</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Disintegrate</skill>
{{Skill description header}}
<skill class="Wizard">Frost Nova</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Diamond Skin</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Slow Time</skill>
<skill subcat="Movement ability" class="Wizard">Teleport</skill>
{{Skill description header}}
<skill class="Wizard">Wave of Force</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Energy Twister</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Hydra</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Meteor</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Blizzard</skill>
{{Skill description header}}
<skill subcat="Armor spell" class="Wizard">Ice Armor</skill>
<skill subcat="Armor spell" class="Wizard">Storm Armor</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Magic Weapon</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Familiar</skill>
<skill subcat="Armor spell" class="Wizard">Energy Armor</skill>
{{Skill description header}}
<skill class="Wizard">Explosive Blast</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Mirror Image</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Archon</skill>
==Passive Skills==
Passive skills replaced [[Traits]] during late game development in 2011. A few Traits were simply changed to passive skills, but most are all new. See the [[Wizard traits]] page for a full list of those passives.
{{Skill description header}}
<skill class="Wizard">Blur</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Power Hungry</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Evocation</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Glass Cannon</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Prodigy</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Astral Presence</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Illusionist</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Cold Blooded</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Conflagration</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Paralysis</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Galvanizing Ward</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Temporal Flux</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Critical Mass</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Arcane Dynamo</skill>
<skill class="Wizard">Unstable Anomaly</skill>
==Skill Distribution==
A useful player-made chart showing when the Wizard gains access to skills, passives, and rune effects.
[[File:Char-prog-wiz.png|center|frame|Wizard skill progression. Stats as of May 5, 2012.]]
* See the [[Wizard skill archive]] for a full listing of skill changes over time.
===July 2011 Press Event===
The following skills were removed or renamed prior to the July 2011 Press Event:
* [[Charged Bolt]] - Renamed to [[Shock Pulse]]
* [[Energy Shield]] - Renamed to [[Energy Armor]]
* [http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/full-wizard-skill-trees/ Full Wizard Skill Trees]
* [http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7960229#post7960229 Zediono's translation of JudgeHype's pre-beta report] -- IncGamers 1st Aug 2011
* [http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8008951#post8008951 HardRock's Wizard Passive Skills] -- IncGamers 6th Sep 2011
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