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Tal Rasha[edit source]

Hello Centipede_t! Interesting nick there, where did you pick up that? =) Anyway, I saw the Tal Rasha article you made. Very good job, it looks like you haven't copied it from anywhere, so if it's your own writing, it's an excellent article! I made a few small updates on it, such as adding a category to it and such. Are you otherwise interested in lore? --Leord 11:54, 10 November 2008 (CET)

Hey there! Just so you know, it's custom to continue discussions on same page. ;) Anyway, the fact that you're very interested in lore is really cool! So am I and several other contribs in the wiki. Make sure to check out the new [[Diablo I Manual and Diablo II Manual pages I added. Lots of lore in the two of them. Don't only look in the "wanted pages", but also check some of the stubs, as some articles had to be emptied, as they were copypasted from other site. We want our own contribs to do the content, and also, there are potential copyright issues, that we as fans don't want to have to deal with. =)
Seriously, the manuals are great source of lore, and I just spent some 5 hours or so in one go making small little entries on this that and the other, and that is exactly where we need to start. Not saying you should spend 5 hours marathons... =P Anyway, read them and tell me what you think =) Got previous wiki experience btw? If not, feel free to ask me for stuff =) --Leord 18:29, 10 November 2008 (CET)