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WitchDoctor was the name of a player who saw this place decades after it was made. For a long time, said player managed to play diablo without looking at sites like this. He spent a few years on Diablo 3, and then dropped off the face of the earth in favor of more grander things. Now, WitchDoctor is the legacy name of someone who is now called Runic in Diablo 3. It is the name of a user who doesn't have diablo at the forefront of attention. That said, it is also the name of a user who has played diablo for quite a long time, and as such, still has some degree of vested interest bringing him back to the games. Including this site.

Games[edit | edit source]

Diablo I[edit | edit source]

Diablo 1 was, and still is, my favorite for the atmosphere and the gameplay. I'm not like most who play the series; the lore/atmosphere > loot. Rogue (a bit cheesy, I know) is my class of choice, or the "Rogue Mage" as I nicknamed it considering all the spells I use in conjunction with arrows.

Diablo II[edit | edit source]

Diablo 2's a game I've played for quite some time... still play, in fact, including with a few single-player hardcore characters with weird builds these days (melee sorc in hardcore? You bet). On Bnet, alas, most of my characters have vanished, as have all my collections of gear over the years. As such, I'm left with my singleplayer chars, with some being rather big at this point (the melee sorc is doing... pretty good, if mid nightmare counts). Once in a while I look online, but there is nothing on Bnet that is substantial that I have.

Diablo III[edit | edit source]

Diablo 3's where the username WitchDoctor came from, mostly as a result of being unoriginal at the time (WitchDoctor#1834). My main chars were a wizard and a demon hunter, the wizard (Assur) being my main. I had a few more lower end characters. That was early 2014.

I played from the early days of D3, before RoS, removal of the RMAH, rifts, one-build-characters... the game was far from perfect, but I rather liked it. I threw out items to lower level folks, gave them all my money, basically shot myself in the foot for going up to high levels. Diablo's story has always been an appeal to me, and I was never too fond of where Diablo 3 took it. Reaper of Souls marked the end for me, and it was kicked off my hard drive. I haven't downloaded again it or purchased the expansion, and in all honesty probably won't short of someone flat out giving me a copy. I'd play it if I got it, perhaps, but I don't feel like spending money on it. Who knows. My stance may change.

The last time I logged in for a while was February 2014; I moved over to Starcraft for a while, then moved out of blizzard games in favor of stompy mechs in an entirely opposite universe. No regrets for a few years.

Then, mid 2017, I decided to see what Diablo was up to. Picked up RoS, started anew, rebuilt my old wizard. I'm completely out of the meta, with no plan of returning to it. Truth be told, I don't log in all that much at this point, and probably won't until I work on making my main gaming system more viable. That said, I still exist. Enough to be able to speak of Diablo things that aren't ancient. Enough that I can update this and that with Diablo 3 relative content.

I now BS with my old legacy wizard (reborn) and a few extra characters that are very slowly climbing to 70. No powerlevels involved, quirky arrangements included.

Projects[edit | edit source]

Overall? Too many. Right here, just one on the side, which is mostly to do little improvements to this place bit by bit. I have no real plan; only the intent to try and catch outdated pages and make this site a competitive place for diablo knowledge that isn't ancient. I'm largely out of practice with diablo, and it is not as relevant to me as it used to be. For whatever reason, I still get the little urge to chip in every so often. Hence this update.

Diablowiki[edit | edit source]

Late 2013 I got the title "DiabloWiki.Net Ink Slinger" Diablo Incgamers (Yes, that site right next door that isn't called Incgamers anymore). Spambots used to be fun, I would take their wall of spam and throw in some insulting, derisive or otherwise rude comment to the spammer in question (in place of whatever spam they peddled) before the registration system got an overhaul.

Yes, I did more then just waste time on spambots. I suppose the productive parts are where the title came from, though frankly, nothing I ever did would light a candle to other contributors to the site. Certainly not to the old founders.

Now I pop in every so often because I see something that gets on my nerves, be it outdated or simply poor writing, and make the appropriate edits. This update was the direct result of looking up Mephisto, finding an informative article on him right on this site, and then realizing that the article doesn't know about Diablo 3 yet.

If I am being serious, and have a desire to make this wiki competitive to the gamepedia and wikia sites, then I would say the wiki should be approached in stages. Each stage is relative to presentation. The stages are to be approached in order of presentation. Stage "zero" would be to update the home page of the wiki to say "yes, people care, update efforts are being made, please join us" if there's enough life left to make this a project. Stage 1 is to approach the pages that are directly visible from the home page and from

First Stage[edit | edit source]

The first stage is intended to make the immediately visible content of the wiki (when linked from look nicer/be properly updated. Currently, they are ^Absolutely horrible, because while the site prizes itself on "first to know" and such, it appears that this section has become the last to know anything regarding diablo 3 monsters. It needs to be updated with modern mechanics and approached from a total revision scale. The Diablo 3 page needs to be updated to current Diablo 3. ^ Page visible from navigation (inconsistent given that it's a direct link to a category, not a page). The unpolished nature of its appearance doesn't look appealing. The page that, being consistent, should be there would be: ^ Also in dire need of an update and expansion. ^ Badly outdated, with too many red links and no RoS content.

If anything is to be updated, the above I would approach first. More brainstorming to enter this section as time goes along.