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The Arcane Warrior is a highly magic augmented warrior that could focus equally on melee or missiles. His main skills are enchantments on his weapons and armor that add elemental or other magical properties.

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Background[edit | edit source]

Diablo III Class [e]
Diablo III Logo.jpg
Arcane Warrior
Role: Melee/Ranged/Caster hybrid
Primary Attributes: Strength Dexterity Willpower Mana
Class Skills

Skills and Traits

Origin: Sanctuary
Affiliation: None known
Friends: None Known
Foes: None Known

Background lore text is yet to be added.

Character Design[edit | edit source]

Could probably think of a cooler name, but it would wind up being a confluence of many of the ideas people have been throwing around like Death Knight, Ranger, Battlemage, etc.

The Arcane Warrior is a highly magic augmented warrior that could focus equally on melee or missiles. His main skills are enchantments on his weapons and armor that add elemental or other magical properties, possibly even castable on allies. In D2 terms, it's be a cross between a Paladin and Amazon, with some Sorceress spillover.

The weapon enchantments will work equally on melee or missiles, but could have certain benefits to one or the other. Some (or all) Enchantments could operate on a "% to cast on strike", increasing with ability. There seems to be a clear hole in the existing classes regarding Fire skills, so this would be a good candidate to focus on. Whether the player will stack enchantments will be a balancing issue.

Attributes and Skills[edit | edit source]

Arcane Warrior Skills[edit | edit source]

The Arcane Warrior skills are arranged into to three distinctive skill tree categories:

  • Weapon Enchantments
  • Armor Enchantments
  • Weapon skills

All three trees have a combination of active and passive skills. Active skills are used in combat, while the passive skills boost or change the behaviour of the active skills.

Weapon Enchantments Skills[edit | edit source]

Once a Weapon Enchantments spell is cast, any subsequent attacks will automatically take on the spell properties for the duration.

  • Flame Sabre: Converts physical damage to Fire. Works on Missiles too, maybe needs a better name. Could also have ice and lightning variants.
  • Fire Blast: On attack, explosive fire is dealt to neabry units (ala D2 Fireball or Explosive Arrows).
  • Flame spray: Melee, causes a spherical firewall centered on target. Missiles cause a trail of fire to form under arrows path.
  • Chain Static: Causes electrical damage to target that jumps to any units next to them, etc, etc, rippling through tightly packed enemies.
  • Nova strike: On attack, causes a nova to launch from target. Especially nice with missiles: long range Nova. And don't get me started on hitting multiple targets... :evil:
  • Lightning Rod: When enemy is struck, a lightning bolt goes from character to target. Can trigger multiple bolts from one attack with missile Piercing or Ricochet.
  • Ice Blast: Like Fire Blast, basically a D2 equiv. of Glacial Spike.
  • Tiamat: Adds elemental damage of all 3 elements similar to Pally Vengeance, but lasts through the duration.
  • Channeling: Passively increases elemental damages. Could be broken into 3 skills.

Armor Enchantments Skills[edit | edit source]

Once a Armor Enchantments spell is cast, any subsequent attacks will automatically take on the spell properties for the duration.

  • Fire Shield: Lifted from D&D as long as WotC doesn't come after me. :shhh: Deal fire damage to any attackers.

Fire Aura: Causes the ground around the character to burst into fire

  • Cold Armor: Similar to D2 Sorc cold armor spells. Increased Defense and chill attacking enemies.
  • Cold Aura: Basically a castable Holy Freeze, no melee damage added, just aura.
  • Thunderclap: When an enemy attacks, has a chance of triggering a shockwave that knocks all foes back within a small radius, plus dealing damage.
  • Attune: Increases resistance to fire/ice/lightning. Passive.
  • Soul of Fire/Ice/Lightning: When cast, Absorb that element, but reduces other resistances.

Weapon Skills[edit | edit source]

Weapon Skills are per attack skills, and in some cases, are just directly cast spells.

  • Twitch: Essentially a Missile based Zeal.
  • Magic Arrow: Maybe an enhanced version of D2 Amazon's.
  • Ricochet: When a target is struck, the arrow jumps to the nearest target. Everytime a target is struck, the arrow keeps retargetting up to a skill based maximum or it misses one.
  • Pierce: Identical to Amazon's Pierce. Ricochet missiles are not subject to Pierce.
  • Sweep: Spins once in a circle, striking any surrounding enemies within range. Enchantments can only be triggered once (maybe?).
  • Lunge: Attack and move forward in a short burst, knocking foes back a ways and following. Sort of a short burst Charge, but foe must be in melee range. Useful to break out when surrounded.
  • Ethereal Anchor: A successful attack, melee or missile, anchors the foe in place, unable to move, but can still attack. Doesn't work on bosses or other players.
  • Ice Prison: Not really a weapon skill, not an enchantment. Like Bone Prison, but made of ice.
  • Shift Stirke: This is one of my babies here. :D He quickly teleports next to an enemy, attacks, then zips back to his original location. This could have abuse potential, but make it to where if hit, he's stuck where he's at. This might also be a good one for a Rogue style class instead.
  • Displace: On striking, teleport to another random position next to target. Should be a "skill used per attack" skill so it isn't abused (too much). As above, may be better for a different class.

Development[edit | edit source]

The Arcane Warrior was first posted 9 June 2009 [1] by Technomancer on the forums. It was re-posted as a wiki article by Holyknight3000 and Leord on 10 June 2009.

Technomancer Notes[edit | edit source]

Perhaps combining the Enchantments into one tree and add a new 3rd tree maybe? This class would satisfy a lot different "archetypes" in one. Another Melee class, a Missile class, a worthy Pally replacement, and open to any form of backstory.

This is something I've wanted to see since before I even heard D3 was in development. It's actually a re-adaption of a class I'd come up with for my own turn-based game that'll probably never get done, and that was a re-adaption of an AD&D 2nd Ed. class I came up with about 8 years ago.

I figure a 5th class would be some kind of War Priest/Inquisitor/Exorcist (I mean, hey, SOMEONE has to cast Holy Bolt, right? ), or another physical character that's really out of the box, Rogue/Assassin style. It'd be a good fit for those last 2 skills.

References[edit | edit source]