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The Diablo Podcast is a weekly podcast produced by The Unofficial Diablo Site, Hosted by long-time Diablo community member Flux, TDP covers recent news and controversial issues in the Diablo community, features in-depth discussion and debate about game issues, and hosts regular interviews with game developers and members of the Diablo Community.

Full show archives are listed below, sorted by year.


2013 Episodes[edit | edit source]

TDP #84: Jay Wilson's Resignation[edit | edit source]

Flux and Elly chew over Jay Wilson’s surprising and sudden resignation as Diablo 3′s Game Director. What, why, when, where, who, how, and more, all discussed on this show.

TDP #85: The Diablo Console Project[edit | edit source]

Flux is joined by Rush to talk about the newly-announced Diablo 3 console project. Will console gamers buy it, how will the game differ with a joystick, will there be an RMAH, and more.

TDP #86: New Crafting, Item Farming, and Passive Skills[edit | edit source]

Flux, Neinball, and Sentarius discuss their recent play, passive skill overhauls, Monk builds and O.W.E. changes, new crafting recipes, and what The Hobbit’s Goblin King and all of Diablo’s Act Bosses have unfortunately in common.

TDP #87: Bold Skill Changes, Get Rich Slow, and Crafting[edit | edit source]

Flux, Xanth, and Aahz discuss current topics in Diablo 3, including get rich slow tips, economy issues, crafting successes, a request for bolder skill changes in patches, and much more.

TDP #88: Itemization, Better Co-Op, and Monster Density[edit | edit source]

Flux, Azzure, and Wolfpaq discuss the upcoming Diablo 3 v1.08 patch, with heavy coverage of itemization issues, plus ideas about co-op improvements and fixes to monster density problems.

TDP #89: Hardcore Economy, Itemization Changes, and Console News[edit | edit source]

Flux, Xanth, and Ynzerg talk Diablo 3 economy and the huge differences between the HC and softcore economy. How does the lack of an RMAH in HC affect the economy? Also, impatience at the promised itemization changes and Diablo 3 console news.

TDP #90: The Diablo Podcast #90: v1.08 and PTR Debate[edit | edit source]

Ynzerg and Xanth join Flux for a conversation about the v1.08 patch, recent PTR testing, and other current Diablo 3 news. Plus, another bonus obscure item type quiz!

TDP #91: The Diablo 3 Podcast: Diablo 3 Year One, Beta and Launch Memories[edit | edit source]

Flux, Neinball, and Wolfpaq discuss the highs and lows of development, beta test, and early days of Diablo 3. The game was very different, and very difficult, upon release, and this podcast focuses the highs and lows of those early days.

TDP #92: The Diablo 3 Podcast #92: D3 Year One — The Diablo Community[edit | edit source]

Flux, Neinball, and Wolfpaq discuss the Diablo community and speculate on why passions often run so high, and why so many self-professed “haters” stick around to complain and troll, rather than moving on with their lives.

TDP #93: Year One Patches and Difficulty Nerfs[edit | edit source]

Flux, Xanth, and Aahz discuss the numerous patches and difficulty changes (nerfs) we saw during the first year of Diablo 3, which made the game easier, characters stronger, and much improved the game.

TDP #94: D3 Year One: Story, Auction House, Gold, and Economy[edit | edit source]

Flux, Xanth, and Aahz discuss the major issues, pro and con, surrounding the Diablo 3 Auction House, especially in light of the v1.08 gold dupe bug. Also, how does D3′s story stand up after a year’s evaluation?

TDP #95: Dev Interviews and the Year in Hardcore[edit | edit source]

Xanth joins Flux for conversation and analysis of last weeks’ developer live stream interviews, plus a look back at the year in Hardcore. Dealing with deaths, economic fluctuations, and multiplayer camaraderie.

TDP #96: Economy, the Console, and Auction House Fixes[edit | edit source]

Neinball joins Flux to discuss upcoming Diablo 3 itemization changes, Diablo console playtesting, getting into Hardcore, Diablo 3 ladders, spurring the economy with item binding or other Auction House limits, and much more.

TDP #97: Blizzard Visit and Diablo 3 Console Testing[edit | edit source]

Neinball and Aahz join Flux to discuss his recent visit to Blizzard for the Diablo 3 Open House. Topics include Diablo 3′s future and upcoming patches, Diablo console playtesting, community relations, and more.

TDP #98: The “B-Club”, Hardcore DHs, and Blizzcon Hopes[edit | edit source]

Flux, Xanth, and JrMint talk about recent happenings in Diablo 3: Demon Hunters in Hardcore, fixing Wizards, the economic thrill of joining the “B-Club,” Diablo 3 fixes, Blizzcon 2013 anticipation.

TDP #99: Turning Down a Blizzard Job[edit | edit source]

Xanth discusses how close he came to taking a job with Blizzard Entertainment, with details of how he applied, his trip to Blizzard, loving the campus and culture, and why he sadly had to turn it down.

TDP #100: Josh Mosqueira and Wyatt Cheng Interview, Part I[edit | edit source]

Flux talks with Diablo 3 lead developers Wyatt Cheng and Josh Mosqueira. Topics include end game console testing, the potential removal of Hell difficulty, UI changes, economic issues, and much more.

  • Posted on: 15 July, 2013.
  • Length: 32:50
  • Watch, listen, or download.
    • This special interview show features a full written transcript at the link.

TDP #101: Josh Mosqueira and Wyatt Cheng Interview, Part II[edit | edit source]

Part two of Flux's conversation with Wyatt Cheng and Josh Mosqueira. Topics include Ironborn mode, Demon Hunter squishiness, Itemization issues and affixes, PvP mode debate, and much more.

  • Posted on: 16 July, 2013.
  • Length: 30:27
  • Watch, listen, or download.
    • This special interview show features a full written transcript at the link.

TDP #102: Public Game Leeches, Economics, and Hardcore DH Follies[edit | edit source]

Flux, Xanth, and Aahz talk about getting started in Hardcore, public game leech problems, selling unidentified legendaries, the lust for better in-game stats, and Demon Hunter squishiness.

TDP #103: Shared Paragon Levels and Magic Find Issues[edit | edit source]

Flux, Xanth, and Aahz brainstorm pros and cons of the hypothetical shared Paragon system, recap the recent Diablo 3 developer interviews, argue about Magic Find, and toss out a cool idea for crafting plans.

TDP #104: HC vs. SC deaths, Loot 2.0 Fixes, and PK Issues[edit | edit source]

Xanth and Aahz join Flux to discuss high end Hardcore vs. Softcore play, Sharagon level wants, Loot 2.0 fixes, unaffordable gold sinks, Hardcore PK dangers, and D3X release date predictions.

TDP #105: Gamescom Diablo 3 Expansion RoS Preview[edit | edit source]

Flux is joined by Neinball and first time guest Rankil to discuss the Diablo 3 Expansion: Reaper of Souls debut/preview coming up this week at Gamescom 2013. Will we get big news or just a small preview? What are they going to hold back for Blizzcon in November?

TDP #106: Xanth's Hardcore Witch Doctor Paragon 100 Milestone[edit | edit source]

Show 106 was a special video podcast, a live stream of Flux hosting Xanth in a game as Xanth's Witch Doctor moved from Paragon level 99.9 up to 100. An edited video version of the show will be posted in the immediate future.

  • Posted on: 21 August, 2013.
  • Length: TBD
  • Watch, listen, or download.
    • This special interview show features a full written transcript at the link.

TDP #107: D3:RoS Gamescom Review Part 1[edit | edit source]

Flux is joined by Muggs and JrMint to discuss all the new Diablo III Reaper of Souls content from Gamescom. Paragon 2.0, Loot 2.0, Crusader first impression, Josh Mosqueira’s enthusiasm, Legendary hunting, and more.

TDP #108: D3:RoS Gamescom Review Part 2[edit | edit source]

Flux is joined by Neinball and Azzure for our second show discussing all the new Reaper of Souls info from Gamescom. Loot Runs, the not-very “build changing” new legendaries, Transmog, and lots of story and lore debate and background info.

TDP #109: Diablo 3 Console First Impressions[edit | edit source]

Flux is joined by Rankil and KayDee to share their impressions and observations from a week of Diablo 3 Console play. Basics, different controls, Evade roll, Loot 1.5 lies, difficulty and Monster Power, big and small differences from the PC version, and much more.

TDP #110: Diablo 3 Console Loot 1.5 Debate[edit | edit source]

Flux is joined by Azzure and Xanth to discuss the updated, upgraded, Loot 1.5 system found on the console. Does it fix problems in D3C’s loot system? Is it supposed to? What will the real Loot 2.0 bring?

TDP #111: Diablo 3 Console Second Impressions[edit | edit source]

Flux is joined by JrMint and Katniss for Diablo 3 console talk. Both guests are big fans, much preferring it to the PC version. Topics include difficulty, interface pros/cons, the joys of self finding awesome legendaries, no regrets for the lack of an AH, and boss battle changes.

TDP #112: The Auction House Shutdown[edit | edit source]

Flux, JrMint, and Xanth discuss the surprise announcement that the Diablo 3 Auction House is shutting down in a few months. Loot 2.0 and everyone going self found, D3 console test bed, economic shifts, BoA everything, the transition to RoS, and why gold will probably be worthless in the future?

TDP #113: Datamined Skill Class Discussion[edit | edit source]

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls datamining exposed 5 (4?) character classes undergoing major changes. This podcast covers all 5 classes and the key changes (and omissions) to their skills heading towards the Diablo 3 expansion. Flux, Rankil, and Wolfpaq.

TDP #114: Hardcore Paragon 2.0 and Loot 2.0[edit | edit source]

Discussion of live Paragon 100s and dead Paragon 90s, issues with public games, Loot 2.0 and Paragon 2.0′s likely impact on Hardcore play, and a Witch Doctor makeover. Featuring Flux and Xanth.

TDP #115: Dreading the Post-AH and Stat Hardcaps[edit | edit source]

How much will we miss the Auction House, what trading will replace it, where is Magic Find in Paragon 2.0, and the coming affix hardcaps will create hardships and opportunities. Featuring Flux, Neinball, and Katniss.

TDP #116: Difficulty Changes and RoS Plans[edit | edit source]

Big changes to Diablo 3′s difficulty levels are coming, and might they still drop a difficulty mode entirely? Also, starting RoS plans, first class love, and more. Featuring Katniss, Neinball, and Flux.

TDP #117: Blizzcon and Crusader Excite + Datamining[edit | edit source]

Blizzcon’s Diablo 3 Panels, excitement for playing the Crusader demo at the show, skill datamining discussion, and console loot finding without an Auction House. Featuring Xanth, Rankil, and Flux’s cold.

TDP #118: David Craddock Interview, “Stay Awhile and Listen”[edit | edit source]

Flux interviews David Craddock, author of “Stay Awhile and Listen,” an oral history that tells of the foundation and early days of Blizzard and Blizzard North and the earliest evolution and creation of the Diablo series.

TDP #119: Story and Lore, From D1 to Book of Cain to RoS[edit | edit source]

The Story and Lore of the Diablo world, traced from the origins in Diablo I, through Diablo 2 and the novels, evolved and codified in Book of Cain, then advanced into Diablo 3 and beyond. Featuring Flux, Neinball, and HolyKnight.

TDP #120: Live from BlizzCon Day 1[edit | edit source]

Flux took some time out from hogging the demo machine to have a chat with Diablo Podcast regulars Rankil and Neinball about the time they spent playing Reaper of Souls Adventure Mode today at BlizzCon 2013.

Find out how all three got on and check back for the next installment for more impressions from the show floor.

TDP #121: Blizzcon 2013 Reaper of Souls Interview, Jason Regier and Travis Day[edit | edit source]

Flux interviews Reaper of Souls developers Travis Day and Jason Regier from Blizzcon 2013. Nerfed magic find, Loot 2.0 legendaries, class balance issues, gold sinks and the RoS economy, and more.

TDP #122: Blizzcon 2013 Reaper of Souls Demo[edit | edit source]

Flux, Neinball, and Wolfpaq talk about all they did and saw at Blizzcon 2013, with heavy focus on the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls demo. How awesome was Adventure Mode, what did they think of the Crusader and Act 5 and Loot 2.0, and much more.

TDP #123: BlizzCon 2013: Westmarch, Nephalem Rifts, and D3 Dev Encounters[edit | edit source]

Flux, Neinball, and Wolfpaq conclude their podcast on Blizzcon 2013, with conversation about Westmarch and Act V, Nephalem Rifts, and shared stories of Diablo 3 Developer encounters. You’ll never guess who Neinball has tied up in his basement!

TDP #124: Reaper of Souls live Beta Stream[edit | edit source]

Flux, Neinball, and Xanth live stream a podcast from the Reaper of Souls beta test, with chat and plenty of Hardcore level 70 gameplay action. Topics include the Crusader, Paragon Points, new Legendary items, Act Five virtual tour, and much more.

The entire game session/podcast ran about 3 hours. You can view it in two videos, or download the mp3 hour-long audio selection of the conversation highlights.

TDP #125: Reaper of Souls Beta Analysis[edit | edit source]

All the hottest issues of the Reaper of Souls beta test are debated, including the Crusader, Act Five story and avoiding spoilers, tactical combat overhaul, item binding and trading, Hardcore testing adventures, fixing Crushing Blow, and new class skills. Featuring Flux, Ynzerg, and Katniss.

TDP #126: Paragon 2.0 Overhaul and Legenday Drop Rates[edit | edit source]

Monsterous makes his first appearance on the Diablo 3 Podcast, joining Flux and Neinball for a conversation about the new Paragon 2.0 system changes, recent RoS beta testing, changes to legendary drop rates, finding upgrades that aren’t about DPS, and much more.

TDP #127: Magic Find Removal Debate and Cursed Chests[edit | edit source]

Monstrous and Neinball join Flux to debate the removal of Magic Find, more varied play options, tricky new legendary crafting materials, and share stories of the new Cursed Chests feature.

TDP #128: Economy, Item System, and Binding[edit | edit source]

Azzure joins Flux for a lively debate over the Reaper of Souls economy and item system. Issues include soul bound legendary items in Reaper of Souls, whether BoE or BoP would be improvements, a possible trading system, a self-found bonus, and gold not retaining value in RoS.

Full show archives are sorted by year.