The Diablo Podcast: 2012 Episodes

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The Diablo Podcast is a weekly podcast produced by The Unofficial Diablo Site, Hosted by long-time Diablo community member Flux, TDP covers recent news and controversial issues in the Diablo community, features in-depth discussion and debate about game issues, and hosts regular interviews with game developers and members of the Diablo Community.

Full show archives are listed below, sorted by year.

2012 Episodes

Episode Fifty-Four

Great Beta Debate Part 1

Flux, Wolfpaq, and The Eliminator discuss various play issues in the Diablo III Beta. Topics include their favorite classes, D2 play styles in D3, the best and worst skills, items and crafting, sound effects and music, and much debate on the “too easy” issue.

  • Original air date: January 6, 2012.
  • Length: 1:07:05
  • View it here.

Episode Fifty-Five

Great Beta Debate Part 2

Flux, Xanth, and Neinball discuss various play issues in the Diablo III Beta. Topics include more on the “too easy” debate, the fact that both guests play different D3 char types than they did in D2, evaluations of D3′s lore and atmosphere, and much more.

  • Original air date: January 12. 2012.
  • Length: 52:13
  • View it here.

Episode Fifty-Six

Big System Changes

Flux, Wolfpaq and the Eliminator chew the recently-revealed system changes, plus share stories about recent interesting happenings in their beta testing time.

  • Original air date: January 27, 2012.
  • Length: 50:37
  • View it here.

Episode Firty-Seven

D3 Beta Patch 10 Debate

Azzure and Neinball join Flux to debate the big changes in the Diablo 3 beta patch 10. After a week of testing, how are the new attributes, changes to crafting, new respec system, and changes to item drop rates/qualities working out? And is it enough to offset the big nerf to the difficulty?

  • Original air date: February 3, 2012.
  • Length: 54:17
  • View it here.

Episode Fifty-Eight

Beta, Fatalities, and Delays

The Eliminator and Bladelaw join Flux to discuss recent Diablo beta news and views, plus the removal of player fatalities, the latest release date delay, the issue of Inferno difficulty, and more.

  • Original air date: February 16, 2012.
  • Length: 50:56
  • View it here.

Episode Fifty-Nine

The Great Beta Patch 13 Debate

Grug and Azzure join Flux to discuss the Diablo 3 Beta patch #13. How does the new skills/runestones system far in theory (pretty well) and in practice (dreadful UI)? Also discussed: chat channels, game play flow, class reports, and much more.

  • Original air date: February 20, 2012.
  • Length: 57:58
  • View it here.

Episode Sixty

Beta Patch 13 Class Discussion

Flux hosts a roundtable discussion covering all five classes in the Diablo 3 beta. After a week of testing since the big Diablo 3 Beta patch 13, how does our expert panel view things? Which skills and rune effects are the best? Which classes are awesome and which need some more work?

  • Original air date: February 28, 2012.
  • Length: 1:17:12
  • View it here.

Episode Sixty-One

News Attack! – Release Date, Magic Find, Monsters

Elly joins Flux for the return of the Weekly News Attack. This week’s show covers the buzzing release date rumors, Diablo 3s lacking socialization tools, the new skill and rune system, monster hit points doubling, magic find sharing, and more.

  • Original air date: March 7, 2012.
  • Length: 33:48
  • View it here.

Episode Sixty-Two

News Attack! – Release Date Revealed, PvP Removed, Site’s15th Anniversary and more

Elly and Flux cover all the latest Diablo 3 news. Diablo 3 finally gets a release date but loses PvP. Also Jay Wilson keeps telling us the late game is super hard, and the recently-hacked bonus beta content seems to support his words.

  • Original air date: March 17, 2012.
  • Length: 46:07
  • View it here.

Episode Sixty-Three

Naked Runs, Hardcore, and Beta Difficulty Swings

XanthHC and The Eliminator join Flux to discuss playing naked and/or Hardcore in the Diablo 3 beta, plus the big difficulty changes made in Patch 15, everyone’s most/least favorite classes, Skeleton King strategy, and more.

  • Original air date: March 31, 2012.
  • Length: 1:04:31
  • View it here.

TDP #64: Reveal and Release Countdown

Flux and Elly team up for a news attack Diablo 3 podcast. Topics include’s D3 beta tech problems, “global play” news, melee monster hit range, the official D3 reveal countdown promotion, and more.

  • Original air date: April 19, 2012.
  • Length: 38:55
  • View it here.

TDP #65: Character Customization and Release Plans

Wolfpaq and Neinball join Flux to discuss the rose-tinted glasses that are keeping some D2 fans from accepting D3. Also D3′s lacking(?) character customization options, and release day plans.

  • Original air date: May 5, 2012.
  • Length: 54:40
  • View it here.

TDP #66: Beta Reflections and Bashiok Encounters

Flux is joined by Grug and Azzure to talk about the highs and lows of the recently-concluded Diablo III beta test. All of the guys were lucky enough to be in the Beta almost from the start, and with the help of numerous fan suggestions in a big beta forum discussion thread, they review the highs and lows of the Diablo 3 Beta.

  • Original air date: May 13, 2012.
  • Length: 43:41
  • View it here.

TDP #67: Diablo 3 Bold Predictions

Our Diablo III predictions podcast includes short conversations with eight members of the Diablo community, as they predict how the Diablo III experience will unfold. Not every guest was asked exactly the same questions, but most of them got most of the questions, which included the following:

Name the most and least popular classes shortly after launch. Will they differ for hardcore? Will there be a major hack or cheat or dupe or other problem requiring a patch fix within the first few months. Will Followers be essential, irrelevant, or something in between in Hell and Inferno? Will the RMAH take off with players paying up to the $250 max price cap within the first month? How long will players take to beat Inferno softcore and Hardcore? When will PvP be patched in? When will D3X be announced and when released? Can you make a bold prediction for the 6th class?

  • Original air date: May 19, 2012.
  • Length: 50:03
  • View it here.

TDP #68: First Week of Diablo III

Flux, Azzure, and Grug discuss the first week of Diablo III, both in-game and around the Diablo community. Both guests and the host are relatively pleased with the game, though one guest has some strong reservations about a few things.

The launch is discussed and the panelists debate whether the extensive negative press coverage of Diablo III’s “rocky” launch was a big deal or a big overreaction. Most of the show is concentrated on the gameplay, and there is much discussion of first reactions to the retail client after so long in the tiny Beta. Other game issues include everyone’s first character(s) and goals, character builds and rune effect experimentation, issues with the item system’s limited variety, randomization issues with outdoor and indoor areas, and reactions to Inferno being beaten in four days.

  • Original air date: May 22, 2012.
  • Length: 1:01:52
  • View it here.

TDP #69: Good Second Impressions, Item Problems, and Difficulty

Flux chats with Xanth and Neinball about Diablo III’s second week, and the guys debate going great and what needs work. Topics include character builds and early progress, play styles, reactions to the full game, issues with the economy, the difficulty curve and Inferno, the story and cliffhanger ending, and more. All of the gameplay issues get a Hardcore evaluation as well, since that’s Xanth’s area of expertise.

The second section of the show kicks in around 56 minutes, when Xanth and Neinball check out, and Flux starts a new quick chat with Exile. Exile explains why is his Witch Doctor is level 59.9, talks about the economy and the GAH, revisits some of his pre-game predictions, and more.

  • Original air date: May 29, 2012.
  • Length: 1:10:23
  • View it here.

TDP #70: Inferno Says “No!”

Flux is joined by Hardcore expert Xanth for a wide-ranging discussion of all things Diablo III. Topics include Xanth’s Hardcore success (two level 60s and a 59, only two of whom were dead at the time the show was recorded), and how it’s possible to survive playing HC when most players die repeatedly against most nasty boss packs, The build style, the attitude towards using defensive skills, the overgearing and different emphasis on HC chars marks them as very different than Softcore chars, even ones played by careful players.

Other topics include Inferno issues, the mega gear check it provides, the ironic way many players are hobbling themselves for Inferno by Auction House overgearing in Hell, and mixed-laments that so few offensive skills can be used in the end game.

  • Original air date: July 5, 2012.
  • Length: 1:05:48
  • View it here.

TDP #71: Garwulf’s Conversation

Long-time, old-time columnist Garwulf, AKA Robert Marks, is the guest and my goodness does he have a lot to say. Fortunately he’s pretty good at saying it, so hear him discourse on his new book project, his place in the origins of video game journalism, the evolution of ebook publishing, and his interactions with Blizzard back in 2000, when he published the first official Blizzard ebook and the first official Diablo fiction, Demonsbane.

  • Original air date: July 10, 2012.
  • Length: 1:00:53
  • View it here.

TDP #72: Inferno Prescriptions

Flux talks all things Inferno with long time podcast guest Wolfpaq and first time guest Muggs. Both guests have extensive experience with Diablo III’s end game and enjoy it, though they’ve each got a list of features that could/should/need to be improved and upgraded. Inferno-related topics include what’s good about the end game, issues with the end game items, D3′s “never level again” experience curve, the Auction House as a blessing/curse/necessity, fast games with Nephalem Valor stacks, pros and cons of the crafting system, nostalgia (or not) for customizable runestones, and much more.

  • Original air date: July 16. 2012.
  • Length: 1:10:11
  • View it here.

TDP #73: Quitting or Not?

Flux is joined by Grug and The Eliminator to talk about their Diablo III experiences thus far. One guest is still really enjoying the game while the other... not so much.

  • Original air date: 20 July, 2012.
  • Length: 1:00:18
  • View it here.

TDP #74: The Great Demon Hunter Discussion

Flux is joined by long time guest Wolfpaq and first time guest JrMint for a podcast focused (almost) entirely on the Demon Hunter. Both guests and the host have played the class extensively, and we cover every aspect of Diablo III’s pewpewpew expert. Pros and cons of the class, best and worst builds, discussion of almost every skill, favorite rune effects for various situations, passive skill choices, build options and variety, and brainstorming wish lists for ways to improve the class.

We tried to keep the show interesting for experts AND accessible for newcomers, so in addition to debates about the best Inferno builds and high end gear talk, it includes basic info about how the class works, explanations by the guests why they like the DH the best, what new DH players should keep in mind, and more.

  • Original air date: 25 July, 2012.
  • Length: 1:07:31
  • View it here.

TDP #75: Barbarian Battle Royale

Flux is joined by regular guest Xanth and first time guest Sarnakle to discuss all things Barbarian. Why is the class the most popular in the game, what types of play styles are most popular, what are the best and worst (and most fun novelty) skills and rune effects, sword/board vs. dual-wielding vs. two-hander, the best Inferno builds, the magic of Critical Hits, selecting a Fury-spender, defensive options, PvP expectations, and more.

There’s even a bonus digression into Diablo III’s lacking multiplayer incentives, which are largely responsible for the lack of public games (especially in Inferno Hardcore) and how that could be addressed by the developers.

  • Original air date: 10 August, 2012.
  • Length: 1:20:08
  • View it here.

TDP #76: v1.0.4 Class and Legendary Previews

Flux is joined by two first time guests, Danthar and Philter, to discuss everything about the v1.0.4 patch previews. Last week brought previews for improvements to Legendary Items as well as the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, and Witch Doctor, and on the show we discuss all of those, along with other imminent patch issues. The patch should go online Tuesday, August 21st, and we’ll record another podcast next weekend after five days of patch testing, to discuss the features and changes.

  • Original air date: 20 August, 2012.
  • Length: 1:11:27
  • View it here.

TDP #77: v1.0.4 First Week Play Test Reactions

Flux is joined by Muggs and Philter to discuss everything about the v1.0.4 patch after a week of play testing. Everyone is a big fan of most of the v1.04 changes, though there are still issues that can be improved, here and there. Topics include changes to the game on the whole, the Paragon system, improved (or not) item finding, changes to boss modifiers, easier multiplayer gaming, and specific changes to the Demon Hunter, Wizard, Barbarian, and Witch Doctor.

  • Original air date: 28 August, 2012.
  • Length: 1:01:53
  • View it here.

TDP #78: Paragons, Items, and Farming

Flux is joined by JrMint, Azzure (briefly) and Xanth to talk about all sorts of issues created by the v1.04 patch. All the guests are playing a lot and enjoying the game much more than they did prior to the patch, but not everything is perfect just yet, so there’s plenty to discuss.

  • Original air date: 5 September, 2012.
  • Length: 1:13:52
  • View it here.

TDP #79: v1.05 Preview, Inferno Nerfs, and Auction House Fixes

Neinball and Philter join Flux to discuss recent Diablo III news, including the v1.0.5 feature previews, Inferno nerfs, skill changes, item and economy issues, and Auction House problems and solutions.

  • Original air date: 17 September, 2012.
  • Length: 1:01:34
  • View it here.

TDP #80: TL2 vs. D3 Features + v1.0.5 Preview

Flux, Wolfpaq, and Xanth compare key features in Torchlight 2 to Diablo 3. The item system, character customization, and much more are handled very differently in TL2, with pros and cons. Also includes a D3 v1.0.5 patch preview.

  • Original air date: 24 September, 2012.
  • Length: 1:07:23
  • View it here.

TDP #81: v1.05 Soon and Returning Diablo Players

Flux is joined by Xanth and Exile to discuss about the imminent v1.05 patch, Monster Power, Magic Find changes, and more. Exile hasn’t played D3 in months, but says that v1.05 might pull him back in.

  • Original air date: 16 October, 2012.
  • Length: 52:59
  • View it here.

TDP #82: The D3 Expansion Debate

Flux is joined by Exile to speculate on all things Diablo 3 expansion. Class and item makeovers, improved features, new monsters, new game modes, Act Five’s setting, and more.

  • Original air date: 20 November, 2012.
  • Length: 57:51
  • View it here.

TDP #83: PvP Delays and Dueling

Flux and Xanth discuss the Diablo 3 PvP system delays and the abrupt change from a team deathmatch to duel system. Disappointment, relief, and surprise are the order of the day.

Full show archives are sorted by year.