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The Cursed Hold

The Cursed Hold appears in the Highlands of Act I. It sits at one end of the Highlands Passage, level two of the Halls of Agony sits at the other. The Hold leads to level three of the Halls of Agony. This area forms part of the torture chambers of the Mad King (Leoric).

Areas and Dungeons within The Cursed HoldEdit

Access to LevelsEdit

Quests in The Cursed HoldEdit


The following Bounties can appear in The Cursed Hold when playing in Adventure Mode:

Common Monsters found in The Cursed HoldEdit

Special Monsters found in The Cursed HoldEdit

When following quest progression, this boss spawns in the Cursed Hold:

Notable NPCsEdit


Checkpoints are respawn points. Players who die appear back at the last checkpoint they reached. Players can also leave the game and resume at the last checkpoint at a later date. In effect they are a 'save game' feature. The following Checkpoints appear in The Cursed Hold

Lore Entries Found in The Cursed HoldEdit

Associated AchievementsEdit

The Cursed Hold is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Cursed Captives</achievement><achievement type="single">There Will Definitely Be Blood</achievement>