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* [[Deckard Cain Rap]]
* [[Deckard Cain Rap]]
* [[Easter Egg]]s
* [[Easter Egg]]s
** [[Diablo III Easter Eggs]]
* [[Elite Tauren Chieftain]]
* [[Elite Tauren Chieftain]]

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Just use ONE of these variables:

{{Game navbox
|blizz                     All games made by Blizzard
|other                     All other games that have articles
|dev                       Game developers (companies)
|terms                     Gaming genres
|blizz_p                   Blizzard personnel + ex Blizz
|d3                        D3 Team
|d2                        D2 Team
|d1                        D1 Team
|other_p                   Other industry individuals
|event                     Game events that have articles
|merch                     Merchandise that have articles
|related                   Other related topics