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As the interest of DiabloWiki.net has increased amongst the Diablo fans since WWI 2008, the need of a properly fleshed out and organised Help Section became apparent. After much hard work of gathered wiki expertise from DiabloWiki, you can now enjoy a fully refurbished set of articles to help you with everything wiki-related!

Regardless if you are looking for what the simple "wiki codes" are used for making text bold or italic, are seeking a support page for more advanced edits or just want to look at the wiki structure, you will find solace.

The Diablo community is screaming for information for both the older Diablo games as well as the newly announced Diablo III, and regardless if you only have time for fixing one spelling mistake per month or want to dig through it like a badger, there is plenty of friendly room in the wiki. Still, if you hit a rough stop, you know we got you covered.