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-->  [[Deckard_Cain_dialogue|Deckard Cain]] - <!--
-->  [[Deckard_Cain_dialogue|Deckard Cain]] - <!--
-->  {{iw|Flavie Flavie}} - <!--
-->  {{iw|Flavie Flavie}} - <!--
-->  [[Gheed|Gheed]] - <!--
-->  [[Gheed_dialogue|Gheed]] - <!--
-->  {{iw|Kashya Kashya}} - <!--
-->  {{iw|Kashya Kashya}} - <!--
-->  {{iw|Rogue_NPCs Rogue NPCs}} - <!--
-->  {{iw|Rogue_NPCs Rogue NPCs}} - <!--

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Guideline for Tab Choice

The guideline for this navbox when deciding which tab to display on individual articles is that if the character is a Main Character, show that. If it's an Important character or a Minor one, but of a special race (like an Angel) then show Angel tab. Otherwise, show imp/min tab. Think of which attribute is the more prominent one: race or importance.


!Use only ONE of these variables!
|d3               Confirmed Diablo III NPC
|poss             Rumoured/possible Diablo III NPC
|d2               Diablo II NPC
|d2_dia           Diablo II dialogues
|d1               Diablo I NPC
|d1_dia           Diablo I dialogues
|Races            Different races
|main             Main Character
|imp              Important Character
|minor            Minor Character
|minor2           Minor Character 2nd tab


An idea here is to make sub-sections for Quest NPCs, Vendors etc. They can be listed to the left or so. Or, they can have their own TR in ALL titles.