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well so the fifth class cant be represented by a normal char, so it is obviosly very exotic and doesnt take up the same space as normal char. that is my closest speculation. im curious now. other plz veiws -- 21:51, 22 February 2009 Deadlyambitions

Before I reply let me ask you to sign your posts on talk pages... you have to manually add the line that I'm placing at the bottom. It makes it easier to read. Check out the Help:Talk article. Dating them also helps put comments in context... like if someone comes over here and looks at this talk page after the 4th class is released...
That said the two theories I like best are shape-shifter and summoner. It should be easy to make an NPC frame take the place of any class... maybe with a shape-shifter you couldn't... tho I would think you could just pick a different NPC for the other form... also it would seem like with a summoner you could use NPC or MOB graphics as the summons...
--Belushi81x 12:52, 23 February 2009 (CET)
Thanks for holding the fort, Belushi!
Personally, I think that the summoner is very possible, but a little bit of his mandate is weakened by the fact that the Witch Doctor actually has summons AT ALL. I think we'll DEFINITELY see a ranged non-magic or semi-magic class, much like an Amazon, and the Summoner is having to battle it out with a Melee/Magic user, similar to a Paladin, or similar class... (A Dervish)? --Leord 16:24, 26 February 2009 (CET)

Can't be rogue In Diablo 3, every character can be a male or female. So I think rogue (which is a pure sisterhood) or amazon cannot be the 5th class. The character could be a ranger (male or female) with good ranged skills, tracking and healing abilities :D If he is able to fight with a mount, that'd be awesome. Maybe requiring a mount is why that 5th class cannot be represented using existing NPC model art.

Being a Rogue doesn't mean being part of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye per se. --Vipermagi 18:20, 25 July 2010 (UTC)