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Suffixes come after [[Prefix]]es, as a type of item [[affix]].
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==Diablo II Affixes==
In Diablo II there were rules for item [[modifier]]s. Diablo III will not repeat these exactly, but there may be a continuation of some of the rules.
* Magical items could have 1 prefix, 1 suffix, or both.
* Rare items could have up to 6 affixes --  3 prefixes and 3 suffixes -- though most had just 2-4 total affixes.
* Crafted items had a few preset mods, and could roll up to 2 prefixes and 2 suffixes, though this varied slightly between recipes. Crafted items also had some [[Special Modifiers]] that were never found on magical or rare items.
* Set Items and Unique Items were entirely custom designed, and could have any number of modifiers that didn't necessarily correspond to any of the affixes.
==Diablo III Affixes==
Nothing has been revealed about the organizing principles of itemization in Diablo III. We have seen a few in item hover descriptions, though.
===Known Affixes===
* '''of Dexterity''': +3-4 dexterity. (Seen on boots.)
* '''of Brawn''': +3-4 strength. (Seen on gloves.)

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