Stinging Winds

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Stinging Winds appears in Act II.

Annotated map of Fields of Misery map Fields of Misery

Areas and Dungeons within Stinging Winds

Access to Levels

Quests in Stinging Winds

Events in Stinging Winds

Common Monsters found in Stinging Winds

Special Monsters found in Stinging Winds

The following Superunique monsters can but might not always appear in Stinging Winds:

Notable NPCs


Checkpoints are respawn points. Players who die appear back at the last checkpoint they reached. Players can also leave the game and resume at the last checkpoint at a later date. In effect they are a 'save game' feature. The following Checkpoints appear in Stinging Winds:

Quest City of Blood


There is no Waypoint in the Stinging Winds.

Lore Entries Found in Stinging Winds

Required for Eavesdropper achievement

Required for Judge of Character achievement