Soul Harvest

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Soul Harvest is a Tier Four Witch Doctor skill. This skill has changed a great deal during development, and is now a buff that boosts the Witch Doctor's spell damage when there are numerous enemies in the vicinity.


Diablo III Skill [e]
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Soul Harvest

Active, 5 ranks

Used by: Witch Doctor
Skill Description:
Gain X% increased spell damage per enemy within X feet for X seconds.
Skill Details:
Type: buff
Quantity: Channeling
Effect: radius
School: Magical
Mana cost: Unknown
Cast time: Unknown
Duration: None
Cooldown: None
Synergies: Unknown
Requires: N/A
Prereq of: N/A

The Witch Doctor gains strength from the close proximity of his enemies.

Skill Design

This skill was initially a nova-type of attack, one that dealt damage and fed mana back to the Witch Doctor for everything it killed. That changed entirely during development, and the skill now buffs the Witch Doctor's spell damage.

Skill Rank Table

Blizzcon 2010 description: Gain X% increased spell damage per enemy within X feet for X seconds.


None of the Witch Doctor traits directly improve Soul Harvest.

Runestone Effects

No runestone effects for Soul Harvest are known.


Soul Harvest was first seen in the WWI 2008 build. The skill was just the same at BlizzCon 2009, but had changed entirely by Blizzcon 2010, changing from an attack nova type skill to a buffing sort of war cry. See the [Doctor Skills Archive article] for original info and screenshots about Soul Harvest.


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