Siphon Blood

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  • Base Skill (Physical)
    • Generate: 15 Essence each time damage is dealt.
    • Siphon the blood from the targeted enemy dealing 300% weapon damage.
    • Siphon Blood heals you for 2% of your total health every second while channeled.
  • Suppress (Cold)
    • Enemies are also slowed by 75%.
  • Purity of Essence (Physical)
    • Essence gained is increased to 20 while you are at full health.
  • Drain Life (Physical)
    • Increases the amount of health restored to 6% but no longer restores Essence.
  • Power Shift (Poison)
    • Damage is increased by 10% each time damage is dealt. Max 10 stacks.
  • Blood Sucker (Physical)
    • You pull in all health globes within 40 yards while siphoning.