Sage's Gesture

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Sage's Gesture are a set of items with a required character level of 60. The set is comprised three pieces of armor that can be worn by any class. These items must be crafted by the Blacksmith after he has learned the level 10 plan. They can not drop as loot.

Required Level: 60

Set Pieces

Name Slot Primary Stats Secondary Status Bonus Roll Variations and Class Usage
Sage's Gesture Gloves 583–664 Armor
  • +274–298 Armor
  • Critical Hit Chance Increased by 6.0–10.0%
  • +4 Random Magic Properties
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Sage's Journey Boots 583–664 Armor
  • +81–85 Resistance to All Elements
  • +274–298 Armor
  • +4 Random Magic Properties
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Sage's Orbit Helms 807–917 Armor
  • +410–446 Armor
  • Reduces duration of control impairing effects by 10–20%
  • +4 Random Magic Properties
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Set Bonuses


The Ring of Royal Grandeur reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2).


Level 10 Plan requiring:

Item Reagents Item Reagents Items Reagents
Sage's Gesture Sage's Journey Sage's Orbit


The stones that make up the helm will float and revolve around the character's head.