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(Diablo 3 Gallery)
(Diablo 3 Gallery)
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* [http://www.diii.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=631 Creepy Tristram monastery].
* [http://www.diii.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=631 Creepy Tristram monastery].
[[Image:Skovos1.jpg|center|The island of Skovos.]]
[[Image:Skovos1.jpg|center|frame|The island of [[Skovos]].]]
[[category:D3 Team]]
[[category:D3 Team]]

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Peter Lee is one of the Blizzard artists working on Diablo III. Peter is responsible for much of the concept art so far released, especially of cities and natural landscapes, which seem to be his specialty.


Peter's homepage can be found here. (Currently down.)

Peter has contributed art to the Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo worlds, and a great number of his works in those games, as well as art done for his own purposes can be seen in his gallery on the the Sons of the Storm art website, which is run by a number of Blizzard artists. On that site Peter's alias is Drawgoon, and the following is excerpted from his posted profile:

Inspirational Artists:

Caravaggio, Craig Mullins, JaeCheol Park (Hipper), Masamune Shirow, Syd Mead.

Define your style of art
My paintings are very colourful. I love to play with lots of different colours and I tend to create a realistic style.

Where do you do most of your work?
My living room is also my personal studio. I’ve set up my computers, and painting materials in my living room.

What are your favorite things to create?
Any type of environment. Sci-fi, Fantasy, odd, weird, dreamy, all kinds of environments.

What tools do you use to create your artwork?
Photoshop and Pencil.

Diablo 3 Gallery

Peter is responsible for numerous pieces of landscape art and other concept art in Diablo III. His work can be found all through the artwork gallery, especially in the Environmental Art section. A few samples:

The island of Skovos.