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There is no expected release date for patch 2.0.5 but there have been a few snippets from Blizzard as to changes it may contain.

Changes to Loot from Bounties and Rifts Incoming

More balance to address split farming. [1]

As a heads up, we’re looking to make two changes to Horadric Caches. The first change is to allow the caches to drop Torment-only Legendary items.

The second is to increase the chance that you’ll find a Legendary item in Horadric Caches, including Act-specific Legendaries like the Royal Ring of Grandeur, based on the Torment difficulty.

What this means is that Horadric Caches earned in Torment I+ will be able to drop Torment restricted Legendary items, and caches earned in Torment II+ will have a scaling bonus for dropping Legendary items (which includes those items only found in a cache).

Well, since you brought it up let’s talk a little about that. ;) We’re also planning on changing Rift Guardians so that they drop more Blood Shards for each level of Torment past the first (i.e. in Torment II+). For clarity, this means Rift Guardians would drop the same amount of Blood Shards as they currently do in Torment I, but starting in Torment II they would drop additional Blood Shards per each Torment slider tick. This change should arrive at the same time as the Horadric Cache change mentioned previously, which is currently scheduled for our next bug fix/balance patch (patch 2.0.5).

As a reminder, the scaling bonus chance to find Legendaries you get for Torment I-VI slider stacks multiplicatively with the 100% bonus chance to find Legendaries while in Nephalem Rifts.

Pricing Changes

And a reduction in some unsocketing of high-level runes,[2]

I have some information to share with you about an upcoming change we’re planning to make. We intend to reduce the gold cost to unsocket top tier gems in a future patch. The goal of this change is to help balance unsocketing costs with other resource sinks and make the act of unsocketing a top tier gem feel less punitive. These value below are not final and of course subject to change, but here’s what we’re currently looking at:

  • Flawless Imperial from 150k to 125k
  • Royal from 250k to 150k
  • Flawless Royal from 500k to 175k

We don’t have a time frame to share on when to expect these changes right now, but it is in the works. We’ll be sure to share additional news as soon as we can, and we hope this heads up helps!


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