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Orbiter swirls around a Unique.

Orbiter is an Elite Affix that spawns on Random Elites and some Uniques in Diablo III Reaper of Souls.[1]

The Orbiter effect creates a large ball of lightning in some random spot near the Elite or Unique that spawns it. The initial lightning ball becomes the sun, sitting stationary while a dozen or more smaller lightnign orbs rotate (orbit) around it in a slow circular motion. Players need not fear the central ball, but the orbiting lighting deal considerable damage, and several of them hitting at once can hurt even the best-geared hero.


  • Monster Level Minimum: 30
  • Available to: Random Elites and some Uniques. (Not Champions or Minions.)
  • Damage Type: Lightning.
  • Additional Resistances: Unknown.
  • Can Not Spawn With: No limits.


The central Orbiter lightning orb seems to spawn randomly somewhere within about fifty yards of the Elite or Unique with the talent. It's not dangerous, but a moment later a dozen or more lightning balls will appear. These slowly orbit around the central orb, dealing shocking lightning damage to any hero or pet nearby. The orbs all describe a circular path, but they move so slowly and do not persist long enough to complete anything near one full orbit of their "sun."

Orbiter functions as an interesting sort of Denial of Area effect, forcing players to move away from the greatest concentration of orbiting balls. These seem to be fully random, and several may appear right on top of a character, or they may cluster up far from anyone, dealing no real harm at all.



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