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Necromancer skills

Below are all the Necromancer skill released for the Necromancer beta test prior to launch.


Active SkillsEdit

Click to the individual skill pages for more details about these skills including numbers, screenshots, Skill Rune information, blue quotes, and much more.


Name Level Description

<skill class="Necromancer">Bone Spikes</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Siphon Blood</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Grim Scythe</skill>


Name Level Description

<skill class="Necromancer">Death Nova</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Bone Spear</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Skeletal Mage</skill>

Blood & BoneEdit

Name Level Description

<skill class="Necromancer">Bone Armor</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Bone Spirit</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Blood Rush</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Simulacrum</skill>


Name Level Description

<skill class="Necromancer">Land of the Dead</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Command Skeletons</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Command Golem</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Army of the Dead</skill>


Name Level Description

<skill class="Necromancer">Decrepify</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Frailty</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Leech</skill>


Name Level Description

<skill class="Necromancer">Corpse Explosion</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Corpse Lance</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Devour</skill> <skill class="Necromancer">Revive</skill>

Curses, Summons and BloodEdit

The Necromancer packs a huge variety of skills across long range, short range, and pet-oriented skills. What kind of Necromancer are you looking forward to playing? Do you want to sacrifice your health for additional power using Blood skills? Or do you prefer being the master of minions and want to surround yourself with an undead army?