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Necromancer passives



Fueled by DeathEdit

  • Consuming a corpse increases your run speed by 3% for 5 seconds.

Life from DeathEdit

  • Consuming a corpse has a 20% chance to spawn a Health Globe.

Stand AloneEdit

  • Increase Armor by 100%, reduced by 10% for each active minion.

Bone PrisonEdit

  • Bone Spear, Bone Spikes and Bone Spirit have a 10% chance to trap enemies in a Bone Prison for 3 seconds.

Commander of the DeadEdit

  • The Essence cost of Command Skeletons and the cooldown of Command Golem are reduced by 30%.

Swift HarvestingEdit

  • Increase the attack speed of Bone Spikes, Siphon Blood and Grim Scythe by 15%.

Aberrant AnimatorEdit

  • Your minions gain 200% of your Thorns.

Eternal TormentEdit

  • Your curses cost 50% less Essence and last forever.

Blood for BloodEdit

  • Picking up a health globe removes the health cost of the next Blood spell. This effect can stack up to 3 times.

Blood is PowerEdit

  • Every 5% health lost will reduce all remaining cooldowns by 1%.

Draw LifeEdit

  • Increases your Health Regen by 10% for each enemy within 20 yards.

Extended ServitudeEdit

  • Increase the duration of your Skeletal Mage and Revive minions by 25%.

Final ServiceEdit

  • If you would take lethal damage instead all minions are consumed and heal you for 10% of your health. This effect cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds.

Grisly TributeEdit

  • You are healed for 10% of your Life on Hit when one of your minions hits an enemy.

Overwhelming EssenceEdit

  • Increase your maximum Essence by 40.

Rathma’s ShieldEdit

  • You cannot lose life for 4 seconds after using Land of the Dead, Army of the Dead and Simulacrum.


  • While using a scythe gain 1% Essence and Life per kill.

Rigor MortisEdit

  • Blight abilities also slow enemies by 30% and reduce their attack speed by 15% for 5 seconds.


  • Bone Spikes, Bone Spear and Bone Spirit deal 1% increased damage for every 2 yards between you, up to a maximum of 15%.