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<b style="font-size:150%;">Media Coverage Archive:</b><br>
<b style="font-size:150%;">Media Coverage Archive:</b><br>
<b style="font-size:125%;">[[Media Coverage: 2008|2008]] - [[Media Coverage: 2009|2009]] - [[Media Coverage: 2010|2010]]</b>
<b style="font-size:125%;">[[Media Coverage: 2008|2008]] - [[Media Coverage: 2009|2009]] - [[Media Coverage|2010]]</b>

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All the Media Coverage from 2009, archived to keep the page size reasonable. See the main media coverage page for up to date material.

Media Coverage Archive:
2008 - 2009 - 2010

December 2009

Diablo III Year in Review. Twelve-part monthly recap of all the news and developments.

Merch! Barb statue.

November 2009

Torchlight vs. Diablo 3.

October 2009

September 2009

Late September 2009

Penny Arcade Expo, September 4-6, 2009

Diablo 3 was playable at PAX and numerous hands-on reports and chunks of (ninja-recorded) gameplay footage surfaced from the convention.

Early September, 2009

August 2009

August was a tremendously busy month for news, headlined by the biggest ever outpouring of Diablo 3 news, from Blizzcon 2009. There was also a fair amount of info released at the Gamescom convention, and items from those events are grouped in the sections below.

BlizzCon 2009

BlizzCon 2009 was held on August 21-22 at the Anaheim Convention Center. As is past years, BlizzCon created an amazing amount of news and content. The following sections hold it all, sorted by type and importance. Check the Blizzcon news category to see every single news item related to Blizzcon; this Media Coverage page only archives the items with useful content.

BlizzCon 2009 Interviews

Interviews with various developers on the D3 team.

BlizzCon 2009 Screenshots, Artwork, and Movies

Visual aids and delights.

BlizzCon 2009 Game Reports and In-depth Coverage

Character Skill Tree Previews
Monk hands-on play reports
Other demo reports
Official FAQs and Info

BlizzCon 2009 D3 Panel Coverage

Coverage of the three Diablo 3 panels held at Blizzcon. Click to the panel pages in the wiki for full coverage, transcripts, and more.

Diablo 3 Heroes and Monsters Panel

Full panel coverage in the wiki.

Diablo 3 Art Panel

See the panel page for full coverage.

Diablo 3 Open Q&A

This panel replaced the Diablo 3 Lore panel, and was held on Saturday afternoon. The whole panel was audience questions, and as usual at such events, the quality of the queries varied widely.

Diablo 3/WoW Press-Only Q&A

Not an official D3 panel, but this hour long conference interview was for the press only, and was not streamed live. See the panel page for full coverage.

BlizzCon 2009 Diablo 3 News

Chronological highlights of the ongoing Blizzcon news coverage. These do not include the interviews, game reports, panels, and other features already listed.

August 2009: Gamescom

The first annual Gamescom convention was held in Cologne, Germany, August 19-23, 2009. Blizzard staffed a large booth and sent playable versions of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. The interesting thing was that this event overlapped with BlizzCon's August 21-22 schedule. So while Blizzard wanted to show off new stuff in Diablo 3 at Gamescom, they had to gimp their build to withhold any details of the Monk until after the big character announcement at the Blizzcon opening ceremonies.

There were some early news reports of interesting D3 stuff from Gamescom, but the last 2 days of the event were entirely overshadowed by the much bigger news and media coverage coming from Anaheim.

August 2009: Pre-Blizzcon

Blizzard kept very quiet pre-Blizzcon; saving up all their big stuff for the convention. Even Bashiok was busy planning Blizzcon events and had little time for the forums.

  • Preview: 10 August, 2009. Blizzcast 10 is released, with entirely World of Warcraft content.
  • Commentary: 1 August, 2009. Shared skills are debated. Should characters in Diablo 3 have the ability to use another character's skills, as some Runewords and Uniques allow in Diablo 2?

July 2009

  • Commentary: 29 July, 2009. How should higher level skills function in Diablo 3? Are they big improvements over lower level skills, or should everything remain viable in the late game?
Unburied statue.
Skill witchdoctor horrify icon.gif
Disintegrate, purple-ized.
  • Commentary: 1 July, 2009 Diii.net wraps up their massive, four-part Diablo 3: The First Year in Review article series. Part One, Part Two, Three, and Part Four.

June 2009

  • Commentary: June 28, 2009. What We've Learned news analysis column debuts by reviewing the first year of Diablo 3.
  • Interview: June 28, 2009. Rob Pardo interviewed on WoW, B.net, and a little D3. By IndustryGamers.com
  • Commentary: June 27, 2009. PvP discussion: How D2's runewords changed everything (for better and worse).
  • Commentary: June 25, 2009. Class speculation: The Gunslinger.
  • Commentary: June 24, 2009. Does Diablo 3 need a sexy character?
  • Blue Post: June 23, 2009. Bashiok on changes to the monster health bar display in Diablo 3.
  • Blue Post: June 16, 2009. Bashiok on dynamic lightning and tomes of lore in Diablo 3.
  • Blue Post: June 16, 2009. Bashiok on German wizards and game graphics.
  • Other: June 13, 2009. Diablo 3 Barbarian painted statue revealed. (It sells out in 2 days.)
  • Commentary: June 13, 2009. Create your own D3 class section premieres.
  • Blue Post: June 12, 2009. Bashiok on unlocking Tyrael's face.
  • Blue Post: June 11, 2009. Bashiok explains why the D2 v1.13 patch was delayed.
  • Blue Post: June 10, 2009. Bashiok on changes to the Barbarian's Fury. Follow up #1. Follow up #2.
  • Blue Post: June 10, 2009. Bashiok on gore and Blizzcon announcements.
  • Blue Post: June 8, 2009. Bashiok on health globes and the bosses that drop them.
  • Commentary: June 7, 2009. Angry fans ask why they should buy a sequel when the original game was not supported as promised?
  • Blue Post: June 6, 2009. Starcraft 2 CM confirms that some Battle.net access will be fee-free. Details yet TBD.
  • Blue Post: June 4, 2009. Bashiok on blood floors, white noise, and graphics.
  • Blue Post: June 3, 2009. Bashiok on runes, trades, and item value.
  • Blue Post: June 1, 2009. Bashiok on skill rune swapping.
  • Picture: June 1, 2009. The Bone Reaver concept art debuts.

May 2009

April 2009

March 2009

New paper doll.

February 2009

The Unburied.

January 2009

Bashiok's pretty unicorn pony.

Newer & Older News

Newer and older headlines and articles are archived on the Media Coverage Archive pages: