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Mana Burst is a Tier 4 skill from the Wizard's Arcane skill tree, allows the Wizard to deal extra damage if they cast spells with full mana.


Diablo III Skill [e]
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Mana Burst

Passive, 15 ranks

Used by: Wizard
Skill Description:
Increases the damage of any spell cast from full mana by a percentage.
Skill Details:
Type: Direct damage boost
Quantity: None
Effect: Self
School: Arcane
Resource cost: None
Cast time: None
Duration: None
Cooldown: None
Synergies: All Wizard spells.
Requires: N/A
Prereq of: N/A

Studies for a Wizard, in how to maximise the use of mana when her resources are replenished.

Skill Design

Another creative spell. This one basically lets the Wizard deal substantial extra damage, but with just one spell, once in a while. A wizard who invested in this spell would have to modify her play style considerably; trying to use spells sparingly to remain full of mana, in order to score the huge damage hit possible with points in this skill.

Skill Rank Table

  • Rank 1: 25% damage increase.

Only Rank 1 is currently known.


Skill Rune Effects

  • None known.


Mana Burst was first shown at BlizzCon 2008 when the Wizard was unveiled. It's still assumed to be available as of 9 July 2009. This spell is one of the spells for Diablo III showing Blizzard trying to think "outside of the box" to increase gamplay enjoyment.

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