Inner Rage

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All traits were removed from the game prior to the press event of July 2011. These are archived for future curiosity and reference. This page is not to be updated with current info; see the skills page for current skill information.

Inner Rage is a Barbarian-exclusive trait. It allows the Barbarian to increase Fury gain and reduce Fury loss while attacking the same target.

Inner Rage Properties[edit | edit source]

Inner Rage

  • Clvl Requirement: 19
  • Max points: 5
  • Description: Reduces fury decay and increases fury gain while attacking the same target.
    • Rank One: Unknown.
    • Rank Two: Unknown.
    • Rank Three: Unknown.
    • Rank Four: Unknown.
    • Rank Five: Unknown.
  • Lore: While most orders teach the merits of calming the seas of the soul, the guardians of Arreat have embraced the raging inner storm.

Classes[edit | edit source]

This trait is Barbarian-only.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

This trait does not affect any particular skills, though boosting Fury helps with most skills, indirectly.