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Hotfixes: 2014-05-14

These hotfixes were released for Patch 2.0.5 from 14 May to 5 June 2014.[1].


  • Fixed an issue with matchmaking that could erroneously queue players into a game with an open Nephalem Rift where the Rift Boss had already been defeated.*
  • Legendary drop rates have been permanently increased by 100%, to match rates seen during our 2 Year Anniversary Community buff.
  • Vote Kick will no longer immediately eject players from the party without party confirmation; other members of the party are now properly prompted to confirm or deny the request.
  • The Plagued monster affix is no longer dealing unusually high amounts of damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the level 70 Hellfire Ring's legendary proc was not dealing damage.
  • Heroes below level 70 will now receive less Blood Shards from Nephalem Rifts than level 70 characters.
  • Level 70 heroes will now receive a greatly reduced amount of Blood Shards from Nephalem Rifts when playing in sub-level 70 games.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed crafted set items to roll for class specific properties that were not available to your class when Enchanting.


  • The Tall Man's Finger:
  • Legendary affix will now only apply to Witch Doctor Zombie Dogs.
  • Inna's Mantra:
  • 4-Piece Set bonus will now only apply to Monks.


  • Different Warcry runes now properly stack with one another and are no longer overwritten.


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