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[[category:Horadric Cache]]
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[[category:Legendary materials]]
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[[category:Kanai's Cube]]

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Information on this page is subject to change while the PTR for Patch 2.3 is ongoing.

Horadric Cache materials were added to the game in Patch 2.3. They are crafting materials that can only be obtained from Horadric Caches, each one tied to a specific act. These materials are required for various level 70 legendary and set item crafting recipes, as well as required for the most powerful functions of Kanai's Cube.

Horadric Cache materials:

Obtaining Cache materials

These materials can *only* be found from Horadric Caches, which are awarded by Tyrael to characters who complete all five bounties in an act in Adventure Mode. There is never more than 1 of these materials in a cache for characters below level 65. Above that point the number of materials increases with higher difficulty levels.

  • 1 material: Normal - Master
  • 2 materials: Torment 1 - Torment 3
  • 3 materials: Torment 4 - Torment 6
  • 4 materials: Torment 7 - Torment 10

Completing the fifth bounty when an Act is the Bonus Act grants a second, bonus Horadric Cache that holds an equal number of cache mats. Thus completing the bonus act bounties will yield 2 stacks of 2 materials on Torment 3, 2 stacks of 4 materials on Torment 8, etc.

Cache Materials Recipes

Reaper's Wraps crafting in Patch 2.3.

One or two cache materials are required for all level 70 legendary and set item crafting. Which materials vary between the recipes, and all recipes can be seen once players find the legendary/set recipes and teach them to the Blacksmith.

Two Kanai's Cube recipes require all five materials:

  • Archive of Tal Rasha, Extracts the legendary affix to Kanai's Cube. It requires 1 each of all five cache materials + 5 Death's Breath + 1 legendary item with legendary affix.