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Any wiki on the web that is open to edit like DiabloWiki might suffer vandalism from time to time. By intent or by mistake, material on the wiki can be changed in a way that is not appreciated by the users.

What is Wiki Vandalism?

Wiki vandalism can be any of the following:

  • Obscenities added to content.
  • Deleted/removed content.
  • Moved pages when they should not have been moved.
  • Biased or opinionated content.

It is not always intentional, but in some cases, the intent is easy to track. A good way to fight vandalism is to check Recent Changes when you log on to the Wiki, and see if there are edits from new members, and if so, what they changed. In most cases, a new member will not intend to vandalise, and not add inappropriate content, but once in a while someone will. Use the tools in the History page to restore the problem, and mention this in the Summary.