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Hargo was one of the sixteen mercenaries under the service of Captain Kentril Dumon in the novel Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow.

The mercenaries escorted Quov Tsin the vizjerei in his quest to find the fabled lost city of Ureh in Mountain Nymyr.

During their travel through the eastern jungles, Hargo was captured by a gargantuan river serpent, a tentacle beast. The mercenaries attempted to tie the beast with rope to prevent it from going underwater. Their efforts finally proved insufficient. Captain Kentril Dumon was forced to do what he would do for any of his men. He shot an arrow with one of the mercenaries's bow and hit Hargo's chest. The beast retreated with its prey, Hargo, and escaped underwater.

The mercenaries and Quov Tsin continued their journey and found Ureh in the distance. They set camp to sleep.

Zayl the Necromancer sensed their presence and knowing how dangerous it was for them to stay in a place that violated the balance between life and death in Sanctuary, he decided to summon Hargo's spirit.

Hargo's macabre spirit appeared in the mercenaries's dreams during their sleep to warn them.

The right side of his head had been ripped away, exposing skull and rotting muscle. One eye was missing, a deep red and black crater all that remained. The mercenary’s beard framed a mouth curled open to reveal death’s grin, and the remaining eye stared accusingly at Kentril.

The right arm had been gnawed away just below the shoulder and the chest and stomach torn wide open, revealing ribs, and guts.

Hargo's spirit warned them to leave because the mercenaries would find death in Ureh. Suddenly, the ghost shriked loudly in agony, deafening Kentril who woke up from his nightmare. All mercenaries woke up from their nightmares too. All of them had the same nightmare with Hargo.

The mercenaries wanted to leave immediately, but Kentril managed to convince them it wasn't good to leave in the middle of the night with all the dangers out there. Better to leave in the morning.

However, a mysterious storm prevented them from leaving, and ultimately stayed alongside the vizjerei Quov Tsin to complete the ritual spellwork that would allow them to see the living and ethereal Ureh over the decaying ruins.


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