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The Hall of Heroes is a storage zone for dead Hardcore characters, accessed through the in-game menu. When a player has a Hardcore character die, they can be deleted (to free up a character slot for a new character) or archived in the Hall of Heroes.

This listing resembles that for live characters, and shows the name of the dead character, their level when they died, as well as their build, time played, monsters killed, and gold collected. Players can not view their equipment, though.

Blizzard first revealed this feature in February 2012, shortly before Diablo 3's release.[1]

so what happens to a hc char when they die? Take up a slot still? --HCXanth
Why, they’re transferred to The Hall of Fallen Heroes, of course. --Bashiok

Resources[edit | edit source]

Hardcore Hall of Heroes shown via the in-game menu.