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Gheed on a good day

Gheed is a pretty greedy and unlikeable character, making a living as a merchant in the Western Kingdoms. He was a NPC in Diablo II.


Having been a merchant for a long time, Gheed knows what prices to charge people, especially if they are in dire need. According to himself, he rakes in gold, and don't mind insulting people behind their backs doing it, or using a pretty colourful language.

His name Gheed rhymes with greed, and he's probably not very bothered by it.

His only redeeming fact is that he's pretty funny, and possibly why he manages to make so much money.

Diablo II Gheed

Gheed is a merchant NPC found in the Rogue Encampment. He sells weapons and armor, and provides the gambling service in Act One of Diablo II.

He does not start or end any quests and does not give much useful advice, but his gossip can be pretty amusing. See Gheed dialogue for more information on that.