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The Fortune Shrine adds a 25% bonus to Magic Find and Gold Find for 2 minutes. This bonus stacks with all other MF/GF bonuses, including those from Paragon levels, +MF equipment, Nephalem Valor, and the Monster Power system.

Prior to Patch v1.08 this shrine provided no benefit to characters who had reached the 300% hardcap for item/Paragon bonuses to MF/GF. That patch enabled this shrine bonus to exceed the 300% cap, up to a maximum of 325% (or much higher when on higher levels of Monster Power).

Patch 1.0.8 Changes

Player complaints about the uselessness of this shrine for max level or max MF/GF characters were addressed in Patch 1.0.8.

The Magic Find and Gold Find granted by Fortune shrines can now exceed the 300% cap

Shrines in Diablo III

Shrines are randomly-located, randomly-spawned objects that characters can click to receive temporary buffs. Shrine effects pass to all players in the area when they are first triggered. All shrine benefits last for 2 minutes, and characters can benefit from multiple different shrines at once. Shrine bonuses and durations do not stack, and hitting a second shrine of the same type will simply reset the time to the full two minute duration.

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