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Extra Health is a Boss Modifier that occurs on Champions, Bosses, and their minions.

This modifier provides a 50% boost to the hit points of the monster, without any other properties or effects. It does not boost damage or provide healing or anything else; just more life. As such it's largely invisible to the player, except on the monster's tool tip hover info, or if the player notices that the battle seems to be going on for longer than expected.

The bonus health applies to the entire group; all the Champions, and the Boss as well as all of its minions. The extra health benefit does not apply to Horde or Illusionist

Extra Health


Extra Health grants a 50% hit point bonus to Champions, as well as Bosses and their minions. This property is most dangerous as it extends fights, and players used to killing monsters quickly enough to avoid real trouble from their damaging properties such as Molten or Arcane Enchanted may need to retreat or take a different tactic when dealing with Extra Health enemies.

Prior to the removal of Enrage timers, this modifier was very annoying for low DPS characters.


There's little point in screenshots or videos of Extra Health monsters since the modifier provides no change in appearance or behavior; there's only the difference in play and the hover tag on the monster's name.