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The Druids for Sanctuary fought bravely in the war against Diablo and his minions, but are not going to be presented as playable class in Diablo III.

The Druids who inhabit the northern forests of Scosglen developed their magic independently from the eastern mage clans. They served as the warrior-kings of their tribes, usually living apart from their people in massive stone towers that were covered with vines and ivy. As masters of the natural world, they were able to control living creatures and the very forces of nature.

This is just part of the material available on this topic. The Diablo2Wiki Druid article is available in the Diablo 2 wiki, which has a specific Diablo I and Diablo II focus. A lot of information unique to the first two Diablo games is available there. You can find it here:

  • Diablo2.DiabloWiki.net/Druid.