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Welcome to the Community Discussion!

Feel free to bring forth any questions or suggestions here. --Leord 16:26, 27 August 2008 (CEST)

Diablo III Fact Sheet

I really feel we need a fact sheet about central information that people are looking. Most of the people who come to the wiki are looking for an easy acces to some of the basics, like how many acts, what characters, release date and so on. Certainly we don't know everything, but at least we know what we don't know and can say it like an authority so people know they can't find the information anywhere else either (and come back to the page looking if it's updated). And basically we have a lot of interviews outlining all of the basics I listed and more, so really just collecting some quotes like "barbarian will be the only returning class", "we are thinking of having same number of acts like in Diablo II", "I'm hoping it will be released before 2011 or 2012" and stuff like that really would help people who don't read every news item.

It could be the featured page even. Anyway, as it is something kinda big I don't feel like I am the one who should start this kind of a page since my wiki skills are pretty much limited to writing text with links. What do you guys think about this? Does this kind of a page already exist? --Mouseman 11:51, 31 August 2008 (CEST)

How do you like Diablo 3 Basics? =) Fact Sheet and Diablo III Fact Sheet also redirects there. Feel free to add anything you want. --Leord 18:12, 24 September 2008 (CEST)

Armour / Armor

I am apparently not the only one who likes to write in English English here, but when you talk about an attribute in the game that has a name, such as "armor", you should treat it as a name rather than a word (a correct spelling would be "armour"). The short of it is that "Armor" is in most cases the correct way to write "Armour", and contributors can write words like "humour" or "humor" in whichever way they want. Any questions? If so, ask me. --Leord 18:12, 24 September 2008 (CEST)

I have discussed this with Elly, and it was decided we'll be using American English in DiabloWiki, primarily. If you want to write out "Armour" and "humour", that's fine, and don't spend time changing those to "Armor" and "humor" unless it's a title. Post here if you have opinions/questions. --Leord 11:34, 24 October 2008 (CEST)

The use of "The"

If you look at the Category:Lore page, a lot of articles have the "The" Prefix to them, being taken directly from the game manual by MedievalDragon, but I was thinking how to do with this in general. Most wikis don't have the "The" in it, but in some cases it seems more natural than not. I am leaning toward removing the "The" from these articles and new ones. Any opinions on this? There is also a discussion I started on the Lore discussion page. --Leord 11:51, 24 October 2008 (CEST)

Well I checked "The" Lore Category page (:p) and I think that having the word "The" is necessary. I satarted to say some of the names without the and it doesn't "feel" right...it's like saying "The" away from "The Last Supper". It looses it's "power" (don't know how to describe that feeling of understanding, knowledge). Adding the word "The" adds importance to the event, making it impact the "feeling" we get from reading the stub. I hope I made some sense with this, but my advice would be to keep "The" prefix.--Shayagor 22:54, 27 October 2008 (CET)
Ok, thanks for the input. That's a bit of what I felt. The problem is when adding this event into a sentence, where you might not really want to capitalize "The" for the link. The Sin War is a good example. The other thing is that it's harder to sort these events in the categories. If some have "The" and some don't, a lot of the parts will end up under "T" in the sorting. I suppose there can be exceptions to the rule here, but that isn't optimal. Also, where do we draw the line? any more input on it? =) --Leord 18:45, 30 October 2008 (CET)
Very true, as I kept reading the lore section and reading your reply...well I think that some of the terms do need "The". I will list the ones that I feel don't need the prefix "The": Sin War, Nature of the Soulstones, Fall of the Black King and Binding of the Three. The ones I am having trouble with deciding are: The Last Testament of Ord Rekar and The Lands of Khanduras.
On another note, in the article for The Dark Exile, there's a reference to The Great Conflict but only Great Conflict is marked (With the ascension of Man and the subsequent standstill of the Great Conflict,); so maybe it should be adjusted. Didn't want to change it before consulting you though :D.
Also, when looking at the Lore category page, we can see 2 darkenings of tristam, but one is misspelled. Is there any way to remove the misspelled one? --Shayagor 05:43, 31 October 2008 (CET)
Well, the lore section will be revamped a lot. Right now it's mainly just laying there, transcripted by MD. Several of the entries will go away completely, and either be part of a Book entry, or just be available in the Diablo I Manual, or some other manual.
The Lands of Khanduras will be deleted, and folded in to the Librarius Ex Horadrim Book entry, the Diablo I Manual as well as Khanduras. Thinking about it, The Last Testament of Ord Rekar will work as a book entry named Last Testament of Ord Rekar, grouped with Aust's journal. In the light that most of these entries will be folded in to other things, I don't think there is a great problem with "The" for now. Make sure you notify me if you find other mentions in books or manuals that require a "The".
Regarding deletion: Right now only me, Flux and the other admins can delete pages, but you'll likely be part of that inner group if you continue to bring feedback and be part of the whole wiki community. ;) For now, just add a {{delete}}-template on a page that needs deletion, unless you can logically redirect it to some other appropriate article. --Leord 12:04, 31 October 2008 (CET)
Thanks for the template, did a little research to add reason. Still very noob at wiki. I have done some work but still learning, so if you got a good place to look for info quickly I'd appreciate it.
I think that revamping lore is gonna help out with all the "The" issues too. Also, having all the info under on while "book" would be a better idea I think. I've brainstormed something right now...but I'll work on it and then I'll shot the idea past you and see what you think.--Shayagor 19:16, 31 October 2008 (CET)
Coolio. Feel free to upate on your user pages. I'll try to keep an eye out and comment on it. BTW, make sure you link all of your pages on four front page, or you'll forget the url, like I do =P For now, I think the only thing we can do with "The" is to fix the lore section to the extent it's possible, and then see if we have anything left that needs a "the". If so, we'll discuss it further =) --Leord 14:15, 1 November 2008 (CET)

Redirecting to the Diablo 2 wiki

This page (along with others) practically mirrors content in the Diablo 2 wiki. Temporarily, I've pasted in content from the D2 wiki, because the page was blank after I attempted to redirect to it.

Anyone figure out a way to do this? -- 04:16, 9 December 2008 D3nick

Well, the idea is to use the Diablo 3 Wiki for all lore and story-based info and then link that from the Diablo 2 Wiki. To this effect, I created the "Interwiki" template. I works on both wikis the opposite ways. The idea is to have a quick, standard way of "redirecting" the page. It's unfortunately not possible to redirect with the normal wiki redirects, as the two wikis are on different sub-domains. --Leord 12:11, 10 December 2008 (CET)