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Community Portal

This is the Community Portal for DiabloWiki, and is meant to inform the contributors of this page on the current comings and goings of the Wiki. For all news or actual game related discussions, please visit Diii.Net. As this D3 wiki is just getting off the ground, please excuse the mess, and pitch into help out wherever you can.

How to create/edit articles

(Basic/Fast tutorial)

  • If you want create new article, look at another articles for inspiration.
  • Use categories! Each article Must be at least in one category.
    • How to add category? Type on bottom of article something like this: [[Category:Quests]]
    • If you dont know where your article become, put it in Category:Categorization requests and someone else will do it.
    • If you put article in 2 or more categories, dont do it when one is another subcategory. For example, dont put articles to Category:Melee weapons and Category:Weapons
  • Organize your articles by using titles.
    • Don't use single equaled titles (=Your title=), its top level title reserved for article name!
    • For highest title level use ==Level 1 title in article==
    • For lower level titles use more "=" (===Level 2 title in article===, ====Level 3 title in article====)
  • Use button Show preview before you save changes.
  • Enter short summary
  • More info in the help section

Sign Up on the DiabloWiki Roster!

Please sign yourself up on the DiabloWiki roster, and take credit for the work you do! It is also an easy and good way to access the lot of us if we need to send messages to each other.

Current DiabloWiki Focus

Remember that the Diablo 2 Wiki also needs help.

If you know of any task that needs be done, edit here and add it. Don't remove anything unless you are Leord, Flux, Elly or Rush!

Information Gathering

An obvious task we must all try our best at. Finding out more about Diablo III and adding the content to the wiki. Important central articles to add information:

Standardising Content

A more advanced task is to create boilerplates for many pages:

  • Classes - Needs done, even if lack of info.
  • Skills - Needs done, even if lack of info.
    • Skills also need a standard display system. Goign with individual articles for each skills?
    • Possible to use a template for parts of the skills that's easy to link in to a skill page and a summarized page.
    • Template that is contents of a table perhaps? Starting and stopping the table on the skill page
  • Weapons - Got some weapons, should not be impossible.
  • Armor - Got some weapons, should not be impossible.
  • Monsters - Got some monster stats, should not be impossible.
  • Locations - Such as Leoric Highlands etc.
  • Characters - Personalities within the universe from lore perspective. Both chars in the game and not.
  • NPCs - Personalities represented in one of the games. Possibly multiple infoboxes.

For all the above, infoboxes and navboxes are needed, and gathering/listing information as well.

Inter-Wiki Communication

The interwiki template needs to be finished for use.

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