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Diablo-III.su is a Russian fansite dedicated to Diablo game series. It is a part of Realax community.

Website [e]
Diablo-iii.su logo.jpg
Type of site: Fansite
Language: Russian
Registration: Free & optional
Owner: Aleksandr "True" Lesin
Created by: Realax team
Launched: 2011-11-08
Internet rank: Unknown
Current status: Active

History[edit | edit source]

Diablo-III.su was created in November 08th 2011 by Aleksandr Lesin (True) as a part of Realax Forum community. Nowdays, it is maintained mostly by Aleksandr Lesin aka True.


I decided to create this portal because though there are many Russian sites about Diablo now-a-days, only several of them are really useful. If to say about the analytics, there are no such good Russian Diablo sites at all. Only communities and news-portals. That's not good. I've been dreaming about a site where everyone could find answers for any questions asked and I do believe that Diablo-III.su corresponds to these demands: news, interviews, lore, screenshots and many, many analytics. Although the portal is rather young it already has a lot of info both translated and authorial. Stylish user-friendly design, comfortable search and navigation make our visitors feel like home.

The portal has it's own face, style and world view. You will never find "Pop"-articles, which are copypasted everywhere. Only exclusive copyrights and translations.

Community[edit | edit source]

Fans have a lot of ways to help the portal and see their names on the site.

  • There are different forum topics to discuss. Diablo-III.su is a part of Realax Forum which is one of the best communities in Russia. Registration is free and optional.
  • People can comment news on the site and give their opinion in polls.
  • Creative people can submit their fan art or fan fiction works.

Everyone can become noticed.

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Thanks[edit | edit source]

  • Thanks to Alla Misnikova for her help with translations.
  • Special thanks to KUPDbIK, Kitty Venom and Flux for the inspiration.