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The Contributor Websites of DiabloWiki are a group of Diablo-related sites that want the information surrounding the Diablo universe to be available for all followers of the franchise. Not only do they make a lot of fans happy by helping to build the DiabloWiki, but they are also promoted further by us here on the wiki!

Anyone delivering enlightenment to others deserve all the praise they can have, and therefore, we at DiabloWiki are doing our utmost to make sure these well-doers get their due reward. Listed here are some of the sites we are cooperating with, and recommend you to visit!

Participating Websites

What DiabloWiki Appreciates

There are two main ways any website can help out in the DiabloWiki community. The first one is helping to spread the Diablo evangelium through links (like a permanent link, and linking up important topics in news and articles). The second one is just to help building the information database. It might already be the biggest, but it contains far from all Diablo information out there!

What DiabloWiki does for Websites

Us members of DiabloWiki are doing everything in our power to ensure that the few stout webmasters and community members out there get exactly what they deserve: More media coverage than those who do not help! The most basic level of linking is just a simple link exchange. If you honour us with a link, we'll honour you. No other strings attached. However, sites can get a lot more attention if they want to. The idea is to keep it "effortcratically" fair for all sites on the 'net.

Linking and increasing Page Rank

The DiabloWiki works like Wikipedia. Lots of fans come here just for the information, and lots of them follow source links to individual pages. The main difference between DiabloWiki and wikipedia is that we enforce a rigid anti-spam moderation, and are not using the rel="nofollow" variable that almost all wikis use. Instead, we make sure that the sites that help all Diablo followers by adding content to DiabloWiki get both visitors from us as well as the Google Page Rank they deserve.