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Guide Author: Leviathan#1356
Original Posting: Diablo: IncGamer's Forums
Patch Number: Patch 2.0.5

About the Build[edit | edit source]

It's been said that sometimes the best defense is a good offense, and Leviathan's "Zoosader" build epitomizes this anecdote. Phalanx takes the forefront in this set of skills, and additional pet summons from complimentary items such as Haunt of Vaxo (db) and the Asheara's Vestments allows the Crusader to summon a contingent of troops to stand by her side in battle.

In addition to allies, this build capitalizes on quick and effective burst damage. "The goal is to have access to area-of-effect (AOE) skills at all times to clear trash mobs quickly and then to utilize sustained burst to take down Elite packs before they ever have a chance to overwhelm us," Leviathan writes in. "Many people believe that the key to Hardcore is a strong defense, but I'd maintain that having just as strong an offense is essential, too."


To support this burst-oriented play, Leviathan focuses on high resource regeneration by utilizing one-handed weapons and selecting skills with short cooldowns, ensuring that these big push moments come in regular strides. After all, the less your enemies have the option to target you, the less damage there is to mitigate.

The Skills[edit | edit source]

Before we get too far into the details, it should be noted this build was submitted before Patch 2.0.5 went live earlier this week. As a result, while I've preserved the original build below, I've also added comments regarding recent changes that reflect how this week's patch affects its concept and execution.

Active Skills

  • Primary Wrath generator
  • Reliably procs thematic items, such as Haunt of Vaxo and the 4 Set bonus from Asheara’s Vestments
  • Provides additional crowd control with a minor stun
  • Primary AoE damage dealer
  • Primary (and only) Wrath spender
  • Allows the Crusader to maintain range from his enemies while dealing substantial damage
  • Has a little more control over AoE damage direction than other offerings
  • Can serve as a great fight initiator
  • Primarily serves as a method of re-positioning out of hairy situations
  • Short cooldowns are preferable and play well with Akarat’s Champion available
  • Note: This skill functions differently as of patch 2.0.5
  • Rather than Akarat's Champion regularly resetting the cooldown on Phalanx (Bowmen) over time, it now allows rapid use of the skill back to back
  • This results in a much larger singular burst of wave clearing power, leaving less to chance than its previous iteration
  • Compliments a ranged play style
  • Serves as one of the many companions integral to the build's theme
  • High attack speed supports rapid resource regeneration
  • Critical Hit Damage builds on bursty aspects and compliments Phalanx damage
  • Additional attacks increase the likelihood of regular affix procs
  • A great damage and resource generator for big burst moments
  • Offers extreme cooldown reduction to encourage regular use of short cooldown skills
  • Note: This skill functions differently as of patch 2.0.5

  • Rather than Akarat’s Champion regularly resetting cooldowns regularly, it now allows rapid use of these skills back to back
  • This results in a much larger singular burst of wave clearing power, leaving less to chance than its previous iteration

  • Offers excellent utility by breaking crowd control effects; extremely valuable in Hardcore as a result

Passive Skills

Passives in this build offer much more in terms of customization. As a result the skills listed below are suggestions and not mandatory in order for the build to be successful.


  • Additional resource regeneration ensures Fist of the Heavens can always be at use between cooldowns

Lord Commander

  • Vastly increases the damage output of Phalanx
  • Helps ensure Steed Charge is regularly available for tough combats


  • A well-rounded supplement to damage


  • Synergizes with the main resource generator to provide just a bit more damage


  • Patch 2.0.5 brought a major revision to this passive, and this works well with the intent of favoring one-handed weapons in Leviathan's build.
  • Additional attack speed and cooldown reduction compliment many other skills.
  • Recommended to swap out with either Blunt or Righteousness.

Items[edit | edit source]

The Zoosader is a social creature, and needs all the friends she can get to fight alongside her! The recommended items below offer her a veritable menagerie of assistance and help her survive the toughest of rumbles, while burst play is supported through additional resource regeneration options.


Core Items

While not mandatory to function, the additional survivability offered by these items as well as their minion-focused affixes help for the foundation for this build.

Asheara's Vestments

  • Four piece bonus brings your followers into the fray, who can tank some of those nasty hits for you
  • As a crafted set, a bit easier to gear towards and acquire, and a great place to start

Haunt of Vaxo (db)

  • Shadow clones provided by this item offer wonderful stun utility

Complementary Items

These items compliment the core items, and mostly focus on increasing efficiency.

Reaper's Wraps (db)

  • As a crafted item, a bit easier to gear toward and a good place to start
  • Offers excellent resource regeneration for any class

Ring of Royal Grandeur (db)

  • While a highly coveted item in general, this build can make use of a lot of set items, making this bauble that much more valuable

Aughild's Authority

  • Three Piece bonus offers strong survivability in Nephalem Rifts
  • A sure go-to for any Hardcore character

Recommended Stats[edit | edit source]

Specific items are less of a concern with this build, and can be filled in for by focusing on the following stats:

  • As a pet build, Critical Hit Damage scales wonderfully and drastically improves the performance of Phalanx (Bowmen)
  • Attack speed provides not only much-desired DPS, but indirect Resource Regeneration
  • +Physical or +Lightning damage both prove beneficial, but are less required due to the used skills being split between elemental types
  • +Damage bonus to specific skills, such as Phalanx, Fist of the Heavens, and Justice, should also be sought

Recommended Difficulty and Game Mode[edit | edit source]

When this build was submitted, Leviathan was regularly using it in Hardcore and farming Torment III on his own. Certainly, with the appropriate levels of Damage and Toughness, Zoosader can stand on its own in any difficulty (and any game mode), and flourishes when tackling challenges from Bounties or Nephalem Rifts.