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BlizzCon 2010 will take place at Anaheim Convention Center on 21-22 October 2010.

Before Announcment

This BlizzCon was long considered hypothetical, since Blizzard had not yet announced the show, much less given any details about when or where it might be held. It was still widely expected that such an event would take place, after the wildly-successful and popular shows in 2008 and 2009, but nothing guaranteed it.

The first BlizzCon was held in the Anaheim Convention Center in late 2005. There was no Blizzcon in 2006, before the show returned in 2007, and continued in 2008 and 2009. Since 2008 the show has grown fantastically popular, selling out in minutes.

Blizzard employees made numerous joking remarks about "Blizzcon next year" when referring to additional info releases about their games.

Known Features

The fifth class in Diablo III is confirmed to be revealed at BlizzCon 2010.


Rumors broke in late 2009 that Blizzcon 2010 would be held in late July in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was officially denied by Blizzard a week later.