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Savage Beasts are corrupted animals of the Western Kingdoms who now charge-attack anyone passing by on sight. They are beast-type monsters.

They all have the same special attack Charge and as the name suggests this is a giant head butt with a run-up. The animal snorts before it's about to charge so it's easily avoidable as he's locked onto the position at that point and won't alter his course so step aside to avoid getting hit.


Act I

  • Savage Beast
  • Horned Charger


  • Great Horned Goliath

Savage Beast

Horned Charger

Great Horned Goliath

  • Appears in Act III -
  • Melee physical attack and also with very fast charge.


The large, sluggish beasts can thrive in any grassland or forest, provided there is enough water. Farmers will recognize these brutes as the savage cousins of the common packbeast-- a tame breed that was likely domesticated nearly two thousand years ago. One can hardly imagine the trouble that effort must have taken.

Abd al-Hazir