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Savage Beasts are corrupted animals of the Western Kingdoms who now charge-attack anyone passing by on sight. They are beast-type monsters.

This type of monster has been referred to by the developers as a "Beast." Since that's both utterly-uncreative and confusing/redundant given that one of the three classifications of monsters in Diablo III is "beasts," it's hoped a better name will be used in the final game.

Horned Ground Sloth is the name used in a piece of concept art.

Diablo III Monster

Diablo III Monster [e]
Beast (monster)
Classification: Beasts
Monster Family: Beast
Role: Tank, Charger
Monster Stats
Life: Unknown
Mana: None
Armor: Unknown
Resistance: Unknown
Armament: Horns, Hooves
DPS: Unknown
Low Damage: Unknown
High Damage: Unknown
Range: Melee
Speed: Medium
Movement: Fast
Monster Modifiers
Found In
Leoric Highlands

Beasts are large, ox-like herd beasts seen in the plains of Sanctuary in Diablo III. They have a very fast charging attack, and gore with their huge tusks up-close, though the few seen in the WWI 2008 gameplay movie died pretty easily. They're not just beasts either; they've been mutated by Diablo (or someone?) to become monstrous, as a close-up view of their face demonstrates.

The one that charges in the gameplay movie signals his intent before the charge, by pausing for a moment, pawing with one forelimb, and snorting a great plume of smoke before rocketing straight at (and hitting) the Witch Doctor.

Spells and Abilities

  • Charge

Known Subtypes


Little is known of why these creatures, that seem to be herbivores, would go out of their way to attack people passing them by. It's clear that some sort of demonic corruption has taken place.

There is speculation that the Savage Beast monster is a violent or corrupted version of the Horned Ground Sloth, a beat of burden.


The large, sluggish beasts can thrive in any grassland or forest, provided there is enough water. Farmers will recognize these brutes as the savage cousins of the common packbeast-- a tame breed that was likely domesticated nearly two thousand years ago. One can hardly imagine the trouble that effort must have taken.

Abd al-Hazir


The Beasts were one of the first types of monsters shown at WWI 2008 in Paris in the gameplay video.


You can find pictures in the Diablo 3 screenshot and picture gallery: