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Adventures are short pockets of activity that can happy in any randomized location. They are not to be confused with quests or Events.

Beginning of a Great Adventure

It is worth noting the differences between events and adventures in order to understand the random nature of the outdoor environments. An adventure can be a great number of things, but there are a few defining characteristics:

  • Can occur in any environment where combat is in initiated.
  • Does not require a map "tile" to occur.
  • Can occur on any map tile.
  • Does not always require combat.
  • Adventures are not tracked in a quest log, nor are there any completion notifications.
  • They generally do not require the player to move off of their current screen.

Adventures are very "small" bits of randomness within a map. While adventures usually require an entire tile on the dungeon or environment's map, the adventures (as listed above) can occur mostly anywhere, even in the "static" outdoors areas.

Adventures generally consist of a simple action occurring, and can be considered ambiance more than quests. Some examples of adventures can be seen in the video posted below in the media section of this entry.


A video compilation of a few adventures from the beta test:

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