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UEE boxes and platforms.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (UEE) is a console release of Diablo 3 + Reaper of Souls in one package, with numerous modifications made for the console. In April 2014 Blizzard announced[1] that it would be released on August 19, 2014 for Xbox360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. The game is a stand alone and does not require a purchase of the original Diablo 3 console.

The content is the same for all four consoles, but the much greater machine power for the Xbox360 and PS4 will grant a superior play experience with higher resolution and better frame rate. (The PS4 runs in a higher native resolution than the Xbox One, which is locked at 900p[2] while the PS4 will run at 1080p.

Ultimate Evil Edition Bonus Features[edit | edit source]

The UEE has almost all the same content as Reaper of Souls, but has numerous changes to the controls and other core features to work on the console. There are also a few new features and pre-order bonus items.

  • Pre-Order bonus items:
    • Infernal Pauldrons (pre-order bonus) legendary shoulders.

Playstation 3 and 4 only:[3]

  • A special Nephalem Rift themed with characters from NaughtyDog title, The Last of Us.[4]
  • A special Transmog set to unlock six armor appearances inspired by the PS2 title, Shadow of the Colossus.[5]

Apprentice Mode: The game will automatically boost the stats of lower level characters so they can match up with higher level characters in a multiplayer game. The bonus only lasts for the duration of that MP game.[6]

The Nemesis System can take a monster that kills one player and make that monster appear, with added powers, in the game of someone on the friend's list. If the monster kills that player, it will go to another person on his Friend's List and so on, up to five times.

Legendary items found in multiplayer games will automatically be distributed, "Robin Hood loot" style, to the class who can use them best. Also, legendary items will sometimes drop for players on your friends list, and when picked up will automatically be sent to them, with a notice when they log on showing where the item came from.

Massacre Bonuses are enhanced, and will add Nephalem Glory bonuses from kill streaks and destruction bonuses.

Ultimate Evil Edition FAQs[edit | edit source]

Blizzard's official UEE page has almost no information about the game features and nothing about the ways it differs from the PC version of Reaper of Souls. While that page is not very useful, Blizzard's CMs have answered numerous fan questions, and the devs have shared info in several interviews, but it's largely been on fans to assemble the details. This article is the best compilation of the details.

Do characters and stash carry over from the Diablo 3 console to the UEE?
Yes, all characters and stash contents transfer over, as do Paragon levels.[7]

Will paragon levels transfer over?
Yes: Paragon levels will transfer over at a 1-to-1 ratio from Xbox360 and PS3 accounts, since Paragon levels were already account-wide in the Diablo 3 console.[8]

Can UEE characters or accounts mix with Battle.net PC/Mac characters?
No. UEE characters can not mix with Battle.net characters or accounts. This is the same as the original Diablo 3 console; the characters are stored separately from the PC characters on Battle.net and the games are entirely separate and incompatible.

Can I copy my Diablo 3 console characters into the UEE?
Yes, on the same machine. You can even do this cross platform, importing characters from the Xbox360 or PS3 into the game on the XboxOne or PS4. (But you can not take characters from PS4/XboxOne back to PS3/Xbox360, and can't go laterally between PS3 and Xbox360.)[9]

Are Legendary Items still BoA?
Yes, for the most part. Legendary items can be traded to players in the game when they are found, same as on the PC. Legendary items are also sometimes mailed to other players on your Friend's List, but this also happens when they are found and is an automated feature.[10]

Will Blizzard patch and update the UEE over time, as RoS for the PC/Mac is patched?
Unknown. Blizzard has said they will provide as much content in patches as they can, but they have not committed to keep the UEE, for any platform, patched up equivalently to the PC/Mac version. [11]

Can players from different console platforms mix in the same game?
Yes, Xbox360 and Xbox One players can play together.[12] PS3 and PS4 can not, but it is possible to import characters from the PS3/Xbox360 into the PS4/XboxOne.

Are there Clans and Communities on the UEE?
No, since these features are run on Battle.net and the Diablo 3 console and UEE play on the Xbox and PSN online services. Those services offer Friends lists and other social features, though.

Official UEE Announcement[edit | edit source]

Blizzard announced the Ultimate Evil Edition with a blog post in late 2013, and first showed the product off at Blizzcon 2013. It was only confirmed for the PS4 initially, with the other consoles added in later. [13]

Prepare for Ultimate Evil on PlayStation® 4

Many courageous nephalem have answered destiny's call and slaughtered thousands of demons since we first announced that the Prime Evil would be returning to Sanctuary on the PlayStation® 3. Now, it's time to begin a new journey on a brand new platform.

From these hallowed halls of BlizzCon® 2013, we're excited to reveal that Acts I-V will be wrapped together into one incredible and action-packed adventure when Diablo® III: Ultimate Evil Edition™ arrives on the PlayStation® 4! Crush Demons & Thwart Death… From the Comfort of Your Couch

Diablo III on the PlayStation 4 brings a completely new experience to console gamers, delivering all the exciting updates and game-enhancing features premiering in Reaper of Souls on the PC. We've taken full advantage of the system's cutting-edge features with a custom-designed interface, touch pad functionality for the new DUALSHOCK® 4 wireless controller, and powerful social features tailored to improve your demon-slaying experience.

Vanquish your foes with the righteous might of the new Crusader class. Rise to new heights of power with an increased level cap, taking your hero to 70 and unlocking new skills (as well as a fourth passive slot) along the way. Befriend Myriam, the Mystic, to customize both the properties and appearance of your equipment. Explore endlessly with Adventure Mode, where all waypoints are unlocked and world itself is your battlefield. Hunt down objectives and complete all-new Bounties for legendary rewards. And don't forget to prepare for the slew of new monsters lurking behind every shadowy corner, awaiting a chance to rip your hero limb-from-limb!

Sizzle Trailer[edit | edit source]

A short video showing off the UEE: