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Tustine's Brewery can sometimes be found in the Westmarch Commons in Act V.

Map (v2.0.6)
Fighting the Revenants in the courtyard of the brewery. Fohsgrave The Usurper will soon appear (v2.0.6)

Access to Levels[edit]

Events in Tustine's Brewery[edit]

Common Monsters found in Tustine's Brewery[edit]

Special Monsters found in Tustine's Brewery[edit]

The following Superunique monster appears in Tustine's Brewery:

Notable NPCs[edit]

Dialogs in Tustine's Brewery[edit]


Patrol Chief: "Some of my men are pinned down in the courtyard, fighting revenants! Please, help me rescue them!"

After the Revenants are killed
Patrol Chief: "Do you know why this is happening? It's madness!"
Nephalem: "Get your men to the survivors' enclave at the cathedral. Quickly!"

Associated Achievements[edit]

Tustine's Brewery is in some way involved in the Sightseeing and The Tourists Achievements.


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