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Third party sites are websites that cover video games (or any other online industry), but that are not directly affiliated with the company or business they are focusing on. This and its parent site are examples of third party sites.

Blizzard is often on friendly terms with such sites, buying ads, granting interviews or Blizzcon tickets or swag for contests to to the site operators, etc. Blizzard does not dictate the content or directly pay the operators though, and third party sites may be total fanboys who act as mouthpieces and cheerleaders, or independent and skeptical/critical voices.

Other third party sites are adversarial or even illegal, from the perspective of Blizzard. Some sites run hacks and cheats, organize illegal activities like buying/selling items or accounts for real money, attempt to set up server emulators, and more. Blizzard has often taken legal action against such operations.