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The Devil's Hand is a multi-stage quest event added to Diablo 3 in the Reaper of Souls expansion. Full details are not yet known about this game challenge and the information in this article comes mainly from datamining an early build of RoS, and may change largely before the final game.

The Devil's Hand is still not fully laid out. There are multiple items (more than a dozen) to find from multiple special monsters. It's unclear how many items are required to form each "hand" and how they vary. Completed hands can be turned in for special rewards, including a random legendary item.

Information on this page is incomplete and derived from datamining, but it could be considered spoilery, so if you do not want to learn about The Devil's Hand in advance of the official feature rollout, stop here...

Devil's Hand Datamining[edit | edit source]

Data strings for Devil's Hand tutorials and general info:


  • Devil's Hand


  • You found a Devil's Hand item! Click this button to find out more about it.


  • You have completed a Devil's Hand set! Return to Thenia in New Tristram to redeem it for a legendary item.


  • Click a card to reveal one of the random rewards. You can keep it or choose to look at the other card. If you do, you must keep the second card.

DevilsHandRedeem_title - Redeeming Devil's Hand

  • DevilsHandQuestLore - These are the Devil's Hand sets you can collect. Click on one to see what you need to complete it.
  • DevilsHandTracking - Click on an item to track it!

Tracking items shows if there are any monsters in the current game who hold Devil's Hand items. If so players can travel to that area of the Act and kill the monster to obtain the item. A related data string:

DevilsHandDescription - Enable tracking for {s1}?

  • This will reset the game and warp all players to town.

From that it sounds like using the Devil's Hand tracking will reset all monsters in the game. This is also one of the rewards for turning in a Devil's Hand, enabling players to keep playing, keeping their current buffs and presumably their stacks.

More code strings related to tracking:

  • DevilsHandTracking - Left-click on an artifact to track it.
    • DevilsHandQuestObjective - You are tracking a Devil's Hand artifact! Follow this objective for a chance at finding it.
  • DevilsHandTracking_title -Tracking Devil's Hand Items
    • DevilsHandQuestObjective_title - Tracking Devil's Hand Items

There's a map tooltip for this, which will display if you hover on the tracking icon on the minimap, showing the location of one of the target monsters.

  • DevilsHand - Undiscovered Devils Hand Item

Devil's Hand Lore[edit | edit source]

It's not yet known how the Devil's Hand is introduced to the player. There are three known lore books, which apparently introduce the matter:

There are three known Devil's Hand lore books:

  • X1_Lore_DevilsHand_1 - The Covenant's Search
  • X1_Lore_DevilsHand_2 - The Black King's Reign
  • X1_Lore_DevilsHand_3 - Implements of the Dark Coven

Once the player gets the Devil's Hand as a quest, they are pointed to specific NPCs for more information. It seems that a new NPC named Thenia is the key operative, with Zoltan Kulle just an additional source of lore and encouragement.


  • Name : The Devil's Hand
    • Objective2Desc : Talk to Zoltun Kulle in New Tristram
    • Objective4Desc : Talk to Thenia about the Devil's Hand
      • Description : Investigate a mysterious secret.

Devil's Hand Dialogues[edit | edit source]

The following are conversation text strings obtained via datamining. They list only the NPC comments, not the replies from your character:


MenuLabel - The Devil's Hand

  • Line0 - What is the Devil's Hand?
  • Line1 - A threat. A riddle. A game of cards where there are winners—and corpses.
  • Line2 - And who is "we"?
  • Line3 - The Covenant of Shadows. We search the lands for these artifacts. They are very dangerous, and we know how to keep them... safe.
  • Line4 -To join the game, you must bring us artifacts. When you deliver a set, we will deal you in.
  • Line8 - Will you play?

MenuLabel - The Covenant's Search

  • Line5 - My journey has led me to the west. This land is as perilous as I thought—evil is drawn to it like a lodestone. It is perfect... There will be many artifacts. With time, I can gather enough of them to realize the Covenant's aspirations. Until then, I shall keep to the shadows.

MenuLabel - The Black King's Reign

  • Line5 - Even in death, a king has power. The ruler of Tristram fell once and rose twice. His eldest son also met death and walked again, and so followed his son's daughter -- with dire consequence. Now, I present the skull of Leoric to the Covenant, in hopes that its remaining power serves us well.

MenuLabel - Implements of the Dark Coven

  • Line5 - Two witches there were, united in evil but divided in purpose. Two masters they served, both hidden in shadow and reborn in flesh. And two deaths they will meet, by one hand. This same hand has brought much to me... and I believe that it is only the beginning.

As spoken by the Mystic.


  • X1_Lore_DevilsHand - Thenia's Chest
  • caOut_Boneyards_chest_devilshand - Cultist Cache
  • TrOut_Highlands_Chest_devilshand - Royal Coffer

Devil's Hand Items[edit | edit source]

Multiple special items are part of the Devil's Hand, and they can be obtained only from certain special monsters found in widely-scattered areas of the game. The following list is tentative and comes from early RoS datamining. This combines two lists; items.txt with descriptions.txt. As of yet there are not descriptions for every item.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Devil's Hand monsters and items found in Act One, plus the few known lore entries:

DevilsHand_00_01 - Broken Oath

  • Lore: DevilsHand_00_01 - "From this day forward, I shall forsake my vows as a templar. I will seek power wherever it may lie, and the order will bleed for what it has done to me." —Jondar

DevilsHand_01_01 - The Black King's Trophy

  • DevilsHand_01_01 - Obtained from the Royal Coffer in the Northern Highlands.

DevilsHand_00_02 - Loving Oath

  • Lore: DevilsHand_00_02 - Given to Mira by Haedrig on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.
    • DevilsHand_00_02 - Oath of Love

DevilsHand_01_02 - The Black King's Skull

  • DevilsHand_01_02 - Obtained from the Skeleton King.

DevilsHand_00_03 - Defender's Oath

  • Lore: DevilsHand_00_03 - "Best wishes on your promotion to Captain. May your blade be true and your nerves steadfast." —Inscription by Mayor Holus
    • DevilsHand_00_03 - Oath of Sacrifice

DevilsHand_00_04 - Cruel Oath

DevilsHand_01_03 - The Black King's Tainted Elixir

  • DevilsHand_01_03 - Obtained from the Butcher.

DevilsHand_01_04 - The Black King's Bloodied Gauntlet

  • DevilsHand_01_04 - Obtained from Sotnob the Fool in the Halls of Agony.

DevilsHand_01_05 - The Black King's Journal

  • DevilsHand_01_05 - Obtained from Rockmaw inside the Lost Mine or Scavenger's Den in the Fields of Misery.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Devil's Hand monsters and items found in Act Two.

DevilsHand_02_01 - Dark Coven Scroll of Illusions

  • DevilsHand_02_01 - Obtained from Ssthrass in Dahlgur Oasis.

DevilsHand_02_02 - Dark Coven Insignia

  • DevilsHand_02_02 - Obtained from Belial.

DevilsHand_02_03 - Dark Coven Torturing Device

  • DevilsHand_02_03 - Obtained from Inquisitor Hamath in the Stinging Winds.

DevilsHand_02_04 - Dark Coven Jar of Reagents

  • DevilsHand_02_04 - Obtained from the Cultist Cache in the Desolate Sands.

DevilsHand_02_05 - Dark Coven Familiar

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Devil's Hand monsters and items found in Act Three.

DevilsHand_03_01 - Icon of Wrath

  • DevilsHand_03_01 -Obtained from common enemies in the Keep Depths.

DevilsHand_03_02 - Icon of Greed

  • DevilsHand_03_02 - Obtained from Treasure Goblins.

DevilsHand_03_03 - Icon of Sloth

  • DevilsHand_03_03 - Obtained from common enemies in the Fields of Slaughter and Arreat Crater.

DevilsHand_03_04 - Icon of Pride

  • DevilsHand_03_04 - Obtained from Dragus, Demonic Ballista, Siegebreaker, and Azmodan.

DevilsHand_03_05 - Icon of Lust

  • DevilsHand_03_05 - Obtained from Cydaea and Act III Succubi.

DevilsHand_03_06 - Icon of Envy

  • DevilsHand_03_06 - Obtained from the Lacuni known as 'Envy.' She can sometimes be found inside the Ice Cavern in the Fields of Slaughter.

DevilsHand_03_07 - Icon of Gluttony

  • DevilsHand_03_07 - Obtained from Ghom and Act III Golgor.

Additional related monster flavor text datastrings. It's not known where these are found, as their data strings did not contain matching code numbers.

  • ThousandPounder_C_Unique_DevilsHand - Bholen
    • ThousandPounder_C_Unique_DevilsHand - Aspect of Sloth
  • Treasure_Goblin_C_Unique_DevilsHand - Snitchley
    • Treasure_Goblin_C_Unique_DevilsHand - Aspect of Greed