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Soul Harvest

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[[File:IconSoulHarvest.png|left]]'''Soul Harvest''' is a tier II Terror [[Witch Doctor skill]] in the unlocked at [[Zombie Skill Treeclvl|level]]9. This skill was initially a damaging attack, which drains mana and consumes health of all enemies in but changed greatly during development. It is now a buff that provides a considerable boost to the areaWitch Doctor's spell damage.
To use Soul Harvest, the Witch Doctor casts the skill and receives a stacking bonus, from 1-5, depending how many many enemies are near the WD when he casts the spell. The radius of effect is not specified in the tool tip, but seems to be about 15 [[yards]] from the Witch Doctor. The bonus lasts for 30 seconds ([[Soul to Waste]] can double that to 60), and it can not be recast for 15 seconds.
There is strategy required to use it properly, as the Witch Doctor wants to have at least four or five enemies in range when he uses the skill. Casting this with no monsters nearby grants zero bonus, and with the cooldown the skill can not be recast for 15 seconds.
{{Skillbox[[File:Soul_Harvest.gif|game= Diablo III<!-- thumb|portrait= --><!-- 200px|portrait-width= -->right|active= Active|name= Soul Harvest|ranks= 5|user= Witch Doctor|tree= Spirit|description= The Witch Doctor draws out the life force of nearby enemies causing X-Y black magic damage and restoring Z mana per energy drained|type= DoT|quantity= Channeling|effect= Circular AoE|school= Magical|resource= Mana|cost= Unknown|cast-time= Unknown|cooldown= None|synergies= Unknown}}in action.]]The [[Witch Doctor harvests ]] gains strength from the souls close proximity of his enemies, even before they are dead
==Skill DesignRune Effects==A nice AoE skill that can theoretically take out mobs of enemies whilst restoring See the [[Soul Harvest rune effects]] page for a nice amount more thorough description of manarune effects, and allowing a barrage or any of other skills as a follow up. If you have trouble taking out mobs of enemiesthe individual rune pages for numbers, screenshots, this skill may aid you quite well. Nothing is finalblue quotes, so the damage/duration will probably get balancedand much more.
{{skill description header}}
<skill subcat="Spirit spell" class="WitchDoctor">Soul Harvest</skill>
<skill class="WitchDoctor" rune="Swallow Your Soul">Soul Harvest</skill>
<skill class="WitchDoctor" rune="Siphon">Soul Harvest</skill>
<skill class="WitchDoctor" rune="Languish">Soul Harvest</skill>
<skill class="WitchDoctor" rune="Soul to Waste">Soul Harvest</skill>
<skill class="WitchDoctor" rune="Vengeful Spirit">Soul Harvest</skill>
==Skill Rank TableDesign==(legend (A) = Assumed)This [[skill]] was initially a nova-type of attack, one that dealt damage and fed mana back to the Witch Doctor for everything it killed. That changed entirely during development, and the skill now buffs the Witch Doctor's spell damage.
*Rank: 1/5===Video===**The Witch Doctor Draws out A video of Soul Harvest, with the life force of nearby enemies causing 1original, long-2 black magic damage changed visual and restoring 3 mana per energy drained.**Mana Cost: Unknown*Rankeffect, can be seen below, courtesy of [http: 2/5**The Witch Doctor Draws out the life force of nearby enemies causing 3-4 black magic damage and restoring 6 mana per energy drained. (A)**Mana Cost: Unknown*Rank: 3/5**The Witch Doctor Draws out the life force of nearby enemies causing 5-6 black magic damage and restoring 9 mana per energy drainedwww. (A)**Mana Cost: Unknown*Rank: 4/5**The Witch Doctor Draws out the life force of nearby enemies causing 7-8 black magic damage and restoring 12 mana per energy drainedyoutube. (A)**Mana Cost: Unknown*Rank: 5com/5**The Witch Doctor Draws out Diablo3Inc the life force of nearby enemies causing 9-10 black magic damage and restoring 15 mana per energy drainedDiabloInc You Tube channel]. (A)**Mana Cost: Unknown[[Image:Wd-soul-harvest3.jpg|thumb|right|All your life are belong to us.]]
* None known.The following [[Witch Doctor passives]] provide a benefit to Soul Harvest, runed or not:{{skill description header}}<skill class="WitchDoctor">Spirit Vessel</skill><skill class="WitchDoctor">Rush of Essence</skill>
'''Soul Harvest''' was first seen at [[WWI 2008]] and [[BlizzCon 2008]], where it was in the [[Spirit Skill Tree]] at Tier II. Originally, Soul Harvest was a low-damage, leeching, nova-like attack spell. [[Flux]] described using it:[]
==[[Rune|Skill Rune]] Effects==* None known<blockquote>''I seldom needed it, and found it to be less than effective as a killing weapon.It wasn’t that damaging, and wasn’t that cheap to cast either; so I had to make sure it was going to kill at least a few monsters to be cost effective.</blockquote>
The old version of this skill created a nova-like ring of blue smoke around the Witch Doctor. All targets within the ring were damaged, and if the damage was enough to kill them, their souls (white/blue ghosts) swirled into the air, then down into the Witch Doctor, where they added to his mana. The skill was just the same at [[BlizzCon 2009]].
Soul Harvest was changed entirely for [[Blizzcon 2010]], becoming a Tier 3 buffing sort of war cry. Unfortunately, there are no gameplay reports detailing any usage of this skill from that event.
==Development=Beta===''Skill tiers were removed shortly before the [[beta]] started in September 2011, and Soul Harvest became a level 14 skill. Soul Harvest'' was seen one of the skills available in every Diablo 3 game demo to datethe [[BlizzCon 2011]] PvP [[Arena]], and has stayed exactly the same, judging from the latest demoAdivirgi enjoyed using it:[http://diablo.incgamers.<!com/blog/comments/blizzcon-arena-demo-<gallery>Image:Diablo_III_Logo.jpg|Skill use 1</gallery>==Trivia==witch-doctor->report]
<blockquote>''This is a crazy awesome spell that lets you damage multiple enemies and receive a pretty decent damage buff at the same time. Its downside is that it also has a very short range so you basically need to be right in the middle of a pack to get the maximum effect for this spell.</blockquote>
Unfortunately, putting yourself "right in the middle of a pack" is a very dangerous thing to do in the Arena. This skill is much more useful in the regular game, where running into a pack of enemies generally won't kill you instantly.
==Media==You can find pictures in The skill system was once again overhauled for the Diablo 3 screenshot and picture gallery:* [ Diablo 3 screenshots [Beta Patch 13]] in February 2012, and pictures]* [ Soul Harvestwas classified as a Defensive skill and moved up to level 22. For [[Beta Patch 15]], it was re-specific gallery contents]classified as a Terror skill, moved back down to level 9, and had its mana cost increased.
===Previous Versions===
See the [[Witch Doctor skill archive]] for more details on previous versions of Soul Harvest and other Witch Doctor skills.
<!--==Related ArticlesTrivia==*''Hide this section unless there really is some trivia about the skill. Add the skill to the [[Spirit Skill Tree:Category:Easter Eggs|Easter Eggs]]category as well if the article contains Easter Egg information.''-->==Media==Soul Harvest can be seen in action on video here:* No videos yet.
You can find pictures in the Diablo III screenshot and picture gallery:
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Image:Diablo_III_Logo.jpg|Skill use 1
* [http://wwwdiablo.diiiincgamers.netcom/blog/comments/witch-doctor-gameplay-report/ BlizzCon 2008 Witch Doctor Gameplay Report]* [ BlizzCon 2009 Full Witch Doctor Skill Trees and Stats]* [ BlizzCon 2010 Witch Doctor Hands-on Report]* [ Zediono's translation of JudgeHype's pre-beta report] — IncGamers 1st Aug 2011* [ BlizzCon 2011 PvP Demo: The Witch Doctor] — IncGamers 27th Oct 2011* [ Witch Doctor Active Skills] — Blizzard's Official Diablo III Site
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